Group 3

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1James Russell Jr761050203019
2John Connal760147232418
3Darren Walls751146242216
4Gary Dellett7304393189
5James Goldie73043040-109
6San D Man72053139-86
7Steven Russell72052644-186
8Darren Swan70071159-480

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James Russell Jr7v3San D Man
James Russell Jr5v5Darren Walls
Steven Russell0v10James Goldie
John Connal7v3San D Man
Darren Walls9v1Darren Swan
John Connal6v4Steven Russell
San D Man6v4Gary Dellett
Darren Walls6v4Steven Russell
Gary Dellett10v0Darren Swan
James Goldie1v9Gary Dellett
James Goldie2v8John Connal
Darren Swan2v8James Russell Jr
Darren Walls8v2James Goldie
James Russell Jr7v3John Connal
Steven Russell2v8Gary Dellett
James Russell Jr8v2Steven Russell
John Connal7v3Darren Walls
John Connal9v1Darren Swan
James Goldie6v4San D Man
Gary Dellett2v8Darren Walls
Darren Walls7v3San D Man
San D Man9v1Darren Swan
Darren Swan3v7Steven Russell
James Russell Jr8v2James Goldie
Gary Dellett3v7John Connal
James Russell Jr7v3Gary Dellett
James Goldie7v3Darren Swan
Steven Russell7v3San D Man

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