Group 3

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Gary Dellet751146242211
2Danny Toal75023931810
3Andrew Alexander7322383268
4Steven Russell (steff)73134129127
5Alec Lister73134030107
6Ryan Bell73133436-27
7Robert Hamilton72142842-145
8George Robertson70161456-421

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Steven Russell (steff)10v0Danny Toal
Andrew Alexander7v3Ryan Bell
Robert Hamilton2v8Gary Dellet
George Robertson1v9Alec Lister
George Robertson3v7Robert Hamilton
Danny Toal6v4Ryan Bell
Alec Lister5v5Steven Russell (steff)
Alec Lister2v8Gary Dellet
Alec Lister4v6Ryan Bell
Robert Hamilton5v5Andrew Alexander
Gary Dellet3v7Danny Toal
Steven Russell (steff)8v2George Robertson
Danny Toal2v8Andrew Alexander
Alec Lister9v1Robert Hamilton
Gary Dellet6v4Steven Russell (steff)
Ryan Bell5v5George Robertson
Alec Lister8v2Andrew Alexander
Alec Lister3v7Danny Toal
Ryan Bell6v4Steven Russell (steff)
Ryan Bell6v4Robert Hamilton
Ryan Bell4v6Gary Dellet
George Robertson0v10Danny Toal
Andrew Alexander4v6Steven Russell (steff)
Andrew Alexander7v3George Robertson
Robert Hamilton3v7Danny Toal
Andrew Alexander5v5Gary Dellet
Robert Hamilton6v4Steven Russell (steff)
Gary Dellet10v0George Robertson

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