Group 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Alex Lister761058124619
2Louis Jackson752049212817
3Div Stewart74033733412
4Robert Hamilton732240301011
5Tony Paterson7214383267
6Scott Paterson72052545-206
7John Gibb72051852-346
8Davy Gardiner71061555-403

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Louis Jackson5v5Alex Lister
Robert Hamilton10v0Scott Paterson
Davy Gardiner1v9Div Stewart
Alex Lister7v3Tony Paterson
Div Stewart1v9Alex Lister
Scott Paterson2v8Louis Jackson
Tony Paterson10v0John Gibb
John Gibb0v10Davy Gardiner
Robert Hamilton5v5Tony Paterson
John Gibb3v7Robert Hamilton
Louis Jackson7v3Div Stewart
Scott Paterson9v1Davy Gardiner
Tony Paterson10v0Davy Gardiner
Div Stewart8v2Scott Paterson
Alex Lister10v0John Gibb
Louis Jackson5v5Robert Hamilton
Louis Jackson8v2Tony Paterson
John Gibb6v4Scott Paterson
Robert Hamilton3v7Div Stewart
Davy Gardiner0v10Alex Lister
Alex Lister8v2Scott Paterson
Davy Gardiner1v9Robert Hamilton
Div Stewart6v4Tony Paterson
Louis Jackson8v2John Gibb
Davy Gardiner2v8Louis Jackson
Robert Hamilton1v9Alex Lister
John Gibb7v3Div Stewart
Tony Paterson4v6Scott Paterson

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