Group 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Miroslav Frank88001621440
2Chris Wilson87011541137
3Neil Robins8503116531
4Mike Jackson8503117431
5Ali McCann 620448-418
6Sean Smith520377016
7Richard Robinson6105210-815
8Marcel Van Rompaey6006012-1212
9Grace Palmer5005010-1010

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Richard Robinson2v0Marcel Van Rompaey
Mike Jackson2v0Richard Robinson
Chris Wilson2v0Richard Robinson
Chris Wilson2v1Mike Jackson
Chris Wilson2v0Grace Palmer
Ali McCann 2v0Grace Palmer
Richard Robinson0v2Ali McCann
Mike Jackson2v0Ali McCann
Mike Jackson2v1Sean Smith
Chris Wilson2v0Ali McCann
Chris Wilson2v1Sean Smith
Miroslav Frank2v0Richard Robinson
Neil Robins2v0Grace Palmer
Neil Robins2v0Ali McCann
Miroslav Frank2v1Sean Smith
Chris Wilson2v0Marcel Van Rompaey
Chris Wilson2v0Neil Robins
Miroslav Frank2v0Ali McCann
Miroslav Frank2v1Chris Wilson
Sean Smith2v1Neil Robins
Miroslav Frank2v0Mike Jackson
Neil Robins2v0Richard Robinson
Mike Jackson2v0Marcel Van Rompaey
Miroslav Frank2v0Neil Robins
Neil Robins2v0Marcel Van Rompaey
Sean Smith2v0Marcel Van Rompaey
Miroslav Frank2v0Marcel Van Rompaey
Miroslav Frank2v0Grace Palmer
Neil Robins2v0Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson2v0Grace Palmer

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