Group 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Mark Cameron761054163813
2Alan Burnett760147232412
3Davie Burt742140301010
4James Meikle7313363427
5James Goldie7304393186
6Keith Gardner71152347-243
7Jimmy Russell71152149-283
8Ian Doyle (digger)70252050-302

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Mark Cameron7v3James Goldie
Keith Gardner4v6Jimmy Russell
Ian Doyle (digger)1v9James Meikle
Davie Burt8v2Keith Gardner
Jimmy Russell1v9Mark Cameron
James Goldie4v6James Meikle
Alan Burnett8v2Ian Doyle (digger)
James Goldie4v6Alan Burnett
Ian Doyle (digger)3v7Davie Burt
James Meikle6v4Jimmy Russell
Keith Gardner2v8Mark Cameron
Davie Burt2v8Alan Burnett
Jimmy Russell1v9Alan Burnett
Mark Cameron8v2James Meikle
Davie Burt6v4James Goldie
Ian Doyle (digger)5v5Keith Gardner
Jimmy Russell3v7Davie Burt
James Goldie6v4Ian Doyle (digger)
Keith Gardner6v4James Meikle
Jimmy Russell1v9James Goldie
Alan Burnett3v7Mark Cameron
Mark Cameron10v0Ian Doyle (digger)
Davie Burt5v5James Meikle
Keith Gardner3v7Alan Burnett
Mark Cameron5v5Davie Burt
Ian Doyle (digger)5v5Jimmy Russell
James Meikle4v6Alan Burnett
James Goldie9v1Keith Gardner

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