Group 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Scott McLeod770058124614
2Dayle Morgan760160105012
3Andrew Alexander650138221610
4Fergy Ferguson74124426189
5Darren Walls64024218248
6Sean Gallagher64023723148
7Stephen Williamson6312342687
8David Gracie7313363427
9Mick Kerr62222832-46
10George Robertson72142347-245
11Ryan Catleugh4004733-260
12James Adams50051040-300
13Vicki Swan5005446-420
14Lainy Lewis7007961-520

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Fergy Ferguson8v2James Adams
Lainy Lewis0v10Sean Gallagher
David Gracie4v6Sean Gallagher
Dayle Morgan9v1Sean Gallagher
Dayle Morgan10v0George Robertson
Dayle Morgan9v1Vicki Swan
Fergy Ferguson5v5David Gracie
Fergy Ferguson3v7Stephen Williamson
Scott McLeod10v0Lainy Lewis
Mick Kerr5v5George Robertson
Andrew Alexander7v3Darren Walls
Lainy Lewis4v6George Robertson
Vicki Swan1v9Stephen Williamson
James Adams1v9David Gracie
Mick Kerr2v8Fergy Ferguson
Dayle Morgan3v7Darren Walls
Andrew Alexander2v8Scott McLeod
Darren Walls8v2David Gracie
Fergy Ferguson9v1George Robertson
Fergy Ferguson9v1Lainy Lewis
Mick Kerr3v7Scott McLeod
Dayle Morgan9v1Stephen Williamson
Andrew Alexander8v2Ryan Catleugh
Dayle Morgan10v0David Gracie
Sean Gallagher8v2Fergy Ferguson
Scott McLeod6v4Darren Walls
Mick Kerr6v4Ryan Catleugh
Andrew Alexander6v4James Adams
Vicki Swan1v9George Robertson
Lainy Lewis2v8Stephen Williamson
George Robertson2v8David Gracie
Darren Walls10v0Ryan Catleugh
Scott McLeod7v3Sean Gallagher
Mick Kerr7v3James Adams
Dayle Morgan10v0Lainy Lewis
Andrew Alexander9v1Vicki Swan
Andrew Alexander6v4Stephen Williamson
Darren Walls10v0James Adams
Vicki Swan0v10Scott McLeod
Sean Gallagher9v1Ryan Catleugh
Scott McLeod10v0George Robertson
Mick Kerr5v5Stephen Williamson
Lainy Lewis2v8David Gracie

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