Group 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1I Robertson 651042182411
2B Johnstone 642043172610
3A Brown 64023723148
4J Donald 6303312926
5S Soddin 62132931-25
6T Higgins 61051842-242
7K MacAskill 60061050-400

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I Robertson 7v3S Soddin
A Brown 7v3T Higgins
B Johnstone 7v3J Donald
T Higgins 2v8S Soddin
B Johnstone 9v1K MacAskill
A Brown 9v1K MacAskill
J Donald 6v4S Soddin
I Robertson 9v1K MacAskill
A Brown 3v7B Johnstone
J Donald 6v4T Higgins
S Soddin 7v3K MacAskill
A Brown 4v6I Robertson
S Soddin 5v5B Johnstone
I Robertson 5v5B Johnstone
A Brown 6v4J Donald
T Higgins 8v2K MacAskill
J Donald 8v2K MacAskill
I Robertson 9v1T Higgins
A Brown 8v2S Soddin
I Robertson 6v4J Donald
T Higgins 0v10B Johnstone

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