Group 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1John Goldie870159213814
2James Russell Jr870156243214
3Steven Johnstone870154262814
4John Connal84134832169
5Rikki Brown82333644-87
6Davy Burt82243545-106
7Jim Connal80353149-183
8Kenny Stoddart81162159-383
9Div Stewart80262060-402

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Davy Burt8v2Kenny Stoddart
John Goldie8v2James Russell Jr
Rikki Brown5v5Div Stewart
James Russell Jr7v3Jim Connal
Kenny Stoddart4v6Rikki Brown
James Russell Jr8v2Davy Burt
Steven Johnstone8v2Kenny Stoddart
Steven Johnstone6v4John Connal
Div Stewart5v5Jim Connal
Div Stewart3v7Davy Burt
Kenny Stoddart0v10John Connal
Kenny Stoddart0v10John Goldie
Rikki Brown2v8Steven Johnstone
Jim Connal4v6Steven Johnstone
John Connal9v1Div Stewart
Jim Connal2v8John Goldie
Div Stewart2v8Steven Johnstone
Davy Burt2v8John Goldie
Rikki Brown5v5John Connal
Steven Johnstone8v2Davy Burt
John Goldie9v1Div Stewart
John Connal6v4Jim Connal
James Russell Jr7v3Rikki Brown
Kenny Stoddart1v9James Russell Jr
Davy Burt4v6John Connal
Div Stewart0v10James Russell Jr
Steven Johnstone7v3John Goldie
Rikki Brown7v3Jim Connal
James Russell Jr6v4John Connal
James Russell Jr7v3Steven Johnstone
Davy Burt5v5Rikki Brown
Kenny Stoddart5v5Jim Connal
Kenny Stoddart7v3Div Stewart
Davy Burt5v5Jim Connal
John Goldie7v3Rikki Brown
John Connal4v6John Goldie

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