Group 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Davy Burt770060105021
2James Millar742149212814
3Rikki Brown73133733410
4Alec Gourlay73133436-210
5James Mercer73133139-810
6Ryan Bell73042545-209
7John Carrett71151753-364
8George Robertson71062743-163

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Davy Burt8v2Rikki Brown
James Millar10v0John Carrett
Ryan Bell0v10George Robertson
Alec Gourlay4v6James Mercer
Ryan Bell0v10James Millar
Davy Burt9v1John Carrett
James Mercer0v10Rikki Brown
James Mercer10v0John Carrett
John Carrett2v8Ryan Bell
Alec Gourlay2v8Davy Burt
James Mercer6v4George Robertson
Alec Gourlay4v6Ryan Bell
Rikki Brown1v9James Millar
James Millar3v7Davy Burt
Rikki Brown8v2George Robertson
George Robertson4v6Alec Gourlay
James Millar5v5James Mercer
George Robertson4v6John Carrett
Ryan Bell6v4James Mercer
Davy Burt8v2Ryan Bell
Alec Gourlay6v4Rikki Brown
James Millar5v5Alec Gourlay
Davy Burt10v0George Robertson
John Carrett5v5Rikki Brown
George Robertson3v7James Millar
John Carrett3v7Alec Gourlay
James Mercer0v10Davy Burt
Ryan Bell3v7Rikki Brown

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