Group 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Matt Roche99001831545
2Cameron Robins97021541139
3Dave Shepherd9702157839
4Keith Porteous9603128436
5Ian Tong730489-123
6Joel Marriott6105310-715
7Tom Ladbury6006012-1212
8Mike Sheeley410336-311
9Chris Thomas5005310-710
10Richard Lambert400408-88

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Keith Porteous2v0Tom Ladbury
Cameron Robins1v2Matt Roche
Cameron Robins0v2Mike Sheeley
Matt Roche2v0Mike Sheeley
Ian Tong2v1Chris Thomas
Dave Shepherd2v1Mike Sheeley
Keith Porteous2v0Mike Sheeley
Keith Porteous2v0Richard Lambert
Keith Porteous2v1Chris Thomas
Ian Tong2v0Tom Ladbury
Ian Tong2v0Joel Marriott
Cameron Robins2v0Tom Ladbury
Keith Porteous2v1Ian Tong
Cameron Robins2v0Richard Lambert
Dave Shepherd2v0Keith Porteous
Cameron Robins2v0Keith Porteous
Cameron Robins2v0Chris Thomas
Dave Shepherd2v0Richard Lambert
Cameron Robins2v0Ian Tong
Matt Roche2v0Tom Ladbury
Matt Roche2v1Joel Marriott
Matt Roche2v0Richard Lambert
Dave Shepherd2v0Joel Marriott
Dave Shepherd2v1Ian Tong
Dave Shepherd2v1Chris Thomas
Cameron Robins2v0Joel Marriott
Matt Roche2v0Ian Tong
Matt Roche2v0Keith Porteous
Chris Thomas0v2Matt Roche
Dave Shepherd1v2Matt Roche
Joel Marriott2v0Tom Ladbury
Keith Porteous2v0Joel Marriott
Dave Shepherd2v0Tom Ladbury
Cameron Robins2v0Dave Shepherd

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