Group 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1John Connal770056144214
2Louis Jackson751153173611
3Scott Paterson742144261810
4Billy Martin74124822269
5Fraser Stowe72052644-184
6John Gibb72051456-424
7Davy Gardiner71151852-343
8Kevin Shanks70162149-281

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Davy Gardiner10v0John Gibb
Fraser Stowe0v10Billy Martin
Scott Paterson5v5Louis Jackson
John Connal9v1Kevin Shanks
Louis Jackson10v0John Gibb
Billy Martin5v5Scott Paterson
John Connal9v1Fraser Stowe
Davy Gardiner5v5Kevin Shanks
Fraser Stowe4v6John Gibb
John Gibb7v3Kevin Shanks
Scott Paterson9v1John Gibb
John Connal10v0John Gibb
Billy Martin10v0John Gibb
John Connal6v4Louis Jackson
Scott Paterson9v1Davy Gardiner
Louis Jackson10v0Davy Gardiner
Billy Martin7v3Kevin Shanks
Davy Gardiner2v8John Connal
Fraser Stowe3v7Scott Paterson
Davy Gardiner0v10Fraser Stowe
Davy Gardiner0v10Billy Martin
Scott Paterson3v7John Connal
Louis Jackson7v3Billy Martin
Kevin Shanks4v6Fraser Stowe
Fraser Stowe2v8Louis Jackson
Kevin Shanks4v6Scott Paterson
Louis Jackson9v1Kevin Shanks
Billy Martin3v7John Connal

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