Group 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1David Spence3300246186
2Steven Johnstone2200200204
3Brian Donaldson2200182164
4Grant McCormack2200164124
5David Mundie210114682
6Alan Wighton2101911-22
7Colin Graham2101812-42
8Colin McLean10105501
9Jamie McMinn2011812-41
10Declan Scott00000000
11Liam McDonald2002416-120
12Mark Grimley2002317-140
13Jason Binnie2002119-180
14Gary McNamara2002020-200

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Liam McDonald4v6Colin Graham
Steven Johnstone10v0Jason Binnie
Grant McCormack8v2Alan Wighton
Mark Grimley1v9Brian Donaldson
David Spence10v0Gary McNamara
Jamie McMinn5v5Colin McLean
David Spence6v4David Mundie
Liam McDonald0v10David Mundie
Brian Donaldson9v1Jason Binnie
Mark Grimley2v8Grant McCormack
Colin Graham2v8David Spence
Steven Johnstone10v0Gary McNamara
Jamie McMinn3v7Alan Wighton

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