Group 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Gary Dellett963059312815
2Kevin Lumsden962156342214
3John Kidd953158322613
4Derek Miller952254361812
5Jim Strathie93424941810
6James Meikle93424743410
7John Gibb93154050-107
8David Gracie91353753-165
9David Gardiner92072862-344
10George Robertson90092268-460

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Kevin Lumsden7v3David Gracie
John Kidd5v5Jim Strathie
George Robertson3v7David Gardiner
Derek Miller3v7Kevin Lumsden
Jim Strathie7v3George Robertson
David Gracie3v7John Kidd
John Gibb7v3David Gardiner
John Gibb4v6James Meikle
Gary Dellett5v5James Meikle
Gary Dellett6v4Derek Miller
David Gracie6v4George Robertson
John Gibb6v4Jim Strathie
David Gardiner2v8Gary Dellett
James Meikle1v9Derek Miller
Kevin Lumsden3v7John Kidd
David Gardiner1v9Kevin Lumsden
John Kidd9v1George Robertson
John Gibb5v5David Gracie
Derek Miller7v3David Gardiner
Gary Dellett6v4Jim Strathie
James Meikle3v7Kevin Lumsden
Gary Dellett8v2David Gracie
Jim Strathie5v5Derek Miller
John Kidd7v3John Gibb
James Meikle7v3David Gardiner
Kevin Lumsden7v3George Robertson
Kevin Lumsden5v5Gary Dellett
James Meikle5v5Jim Strathie
John Kidd5v5Gary Dellett
Derek Miller5v5David Gracie
George Robertson4v6John Gibb
Gary Dellett9v1George Robertson
Kevin Lumsden6v4John Gibb
Jim Strathie8v2David Gardiner
Derek Miller6v4John Kidd
James Meikle5v5David Gracie
David Gardiner6v4David Gracie
John Kidd5v5James Meikle
John Gibb3v7Gary Dellett
Derek Miller7v3George Robertson
Kevin Lumsden5v5Jim Strathie
David Gracie4v6Jim Strathie
Derek Miller8v2John Gibb
George Robertson0v10James Meikle
David Gardiner1v9John Kidd

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