Griffin Leisure League Autumn 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1The Classic 765101201216
2FC Banterlona641193613
3Reus Crispies632185311
4The Jeffsters62314229
5Lads FC6213711-47
6Winner Winner Chicken Dinner603315-43
7Brussia Teeth603306-63
8Brothertons Barmy Army6024312-92

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner0v1FC Banterlona
The Classic 70v0Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Brussia Teeth0v3FC Banterlona
Brussia Teeth0v0Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Brussia Teeth0v2The Classic 7
Lads FC0v1FC Banterlona
Lads FC0v5The Classic 7
Lads FC1v0Brussia Teeth
The Jeffsters1v1FC Banterlona
The Jeffsters2v0Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
The Jeffsters0v1The Classic 7
The Jeffsters0v0Brussia Teeth
The Jeffsters1v0Lads FC
Brothertons Barmy Army1v3FC Banterlona
Brothertons Barmy Army0v0Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Brothertons Barmy Army0v2The Classic 7
Brothertons Barmy Army2v4Lads FC
Brothertons Barmy Army0v0The Jeffsters
Reus Crispies1v0FC Banterlona
Reus Crispies2v1Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Reus Crispies0v2The Classic 7
Reus Crispies0v0Brussia Teeth
Reus Crispies2v2Lads FC
Reus Crispies3v0Brothertons Barmy Army

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