Green Thumb Championship

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Malc Dugdale 98015723342388
2Andy Sharpe97025563252317
3Johnny Ward9504458409495
4Andy Garford 9504486444425
5Rich Warren9405432408244
6Dave Tod8404341428-874
7Jon Pudney 9306437486-493
8Pete Rice9306348474-1263
9Ray White8206337482-1452
10Paul Kirk7205264441-1772

Viewed 419 times

Andy Sharpe54v48Johnny Ward
Rich Warren53v46Jon Pudney
Andy Garford 29v59Malc Dugdale
Ray White55v45Jon Pudney
Johnny Ward56v53Pete Rice
Rich Warren58v68Dave Tod
Johnny Ward92v21Ray White
Dave Tod74v64Andy Garford
Ray White34v54Rich Warren
Malc Dugdale 48v42Rich Warren
Ray White36v51Andy Sharpe
Malc Dugdale 57v48Andy Sharpe
Pete Rice48v34Paul Kirk
Andy Garford 47v40Andy Sharpe
Dave Tod23v43Malc Dugdale
Ray White37v97Malc Dugdale
Pete Rice26v73Malc Dugdale
Pete Rice18v66Ray White
Dave Tod53v47Ray White
Johnny Ward87v40Paul Kirk
Jon Pudney 50v57Paul Kirk
Jon Pudney 36v46Johnny Ward
Jon Pudney 31v85Andy Sharpe
Rich Warren36v63Andy Sharpe
Andy Sharpe60v18Paul Kirk
Rich Warren54v25Pete Rice
Dave Tod19v54Pete Rice
Andy Garford 42v64Pete Rice
Malc Dugdale 48v75Jon Pudney
Malc Dugdale 87v21Paul Kirk
Malc Dugdale 60v33Johnny Ward
Andy Garford 73v24Johnny Ward
Andy Garford 59v42Paul Kirk
Andy Garford 67v50Jon Pudney
Pete Rice36v55Jon Pudney
Dave Tod39v49Jon Pudney
Dave Tod28v80Andy Sharpe
Pete Rice24v75Andy Sharpe
Paul Kirk52v50Rich Warren
Rich Warren50v33Andy Garford
Rich Warren35v39Johnny Ward
Dave Tod37v33Johnny Ward
Andy Garford 72v41Ray White

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