Gravesham Money League - Premiership

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Ben Mannerings1082068284026
2Scott Foley1072161412023
3Jason Phillips 1063163441921
4Andy Twigger105145449516
5Lee Phillips 105145354-116
6Mick Caller 104245154-314
7Steve Stuckey104155154-313
8James Millen 104155154-313
9Martin Budge102355461-79
10Geoff Windeatt 102264363-208
11Marcus Gibbons102084060-206
12John Fowler102083865-276

Viewed 3979 times

Mick Caller 3v7Ben Mannerings
James Millen 7v3John Fowler
Scott Foley6v6Geoff Windeatt
Andy Twigger7v3Marcus Gibbons
Martin Budge7v3Lee Phillips
Jason Phillips 3v7Steve Stuckey
Lee Phillips 7v4Mick Caller
John Fowler4v7Scott Foley
Ben Mannerings7v3James Millen
Geoff Windeatt 7v5Andy Twigger
James Millen 5v7Lee Phillips
Jason Phillips 7v4Martin Budge
Scott Foley0v7Ben Mannerings
Steve Stuckey7v3Marcus Gibbons
Mick Caller 6v6Jason Phillips
Andy Twigger7v2John Fowler
Martin Budge6v6Steve Stuckey
Marcus Gibbons7v2Geoff Windeatt
Lee Phillips 3v7Scott Foley
Ben Mannerings7v4Andy Twigger
John Fowler7v4Geoff Windeatt
Jason Phillips 7v2James Millen
Steve Stuckey5v7Mick Caller
Martin Budge7v5Marcus Gibbons
Geoff Windeatt 3v7Ben Mannerings
Marcus Gibbons7v2John Fowler
Mick Caller 7v5Martin Budge
James Millen 7v3Steve Stuckey
Scott Foley6v6Jason Phillips
Andy Twigger1v7Lee Phillips
Jason Phillips 7v3Andy Twigger
Martin Budge6v6James Millen
Ben Mannerings7v0John Fowler
Lee Phillips 4v7Geoff Windeatt
Mick Caller 7v3Marcus Gibbons
Steve Stuckey4v7Scott Foley
James Millen 7v2Mick Caller
Marcus Gibbons1v7Ben Mannerings
Andy Twigger7v3Steve Stuckey
Scott Foley7v3Martin Budge
John Fowler5v7Lee Phillips
Geoff Windeatt 5v7Jason Phillips
Mick Caller 2v7Scott Foley
James Millen 7v5Marcus Gibbons
Steve Stuckey7v2Geoff Windeatt
Jason Phillips 7v3John Fowler
Lee Phillips 6v6Ben Mannerings
Martin Budge5v7Andy Twigger
Marcus Gibbons5v7Lee Phillips
Andy Twigger6v6Mick Caller
Scott Foley7v5James Millen
Geoff Windeatt 6v6Martin Budge
Ben Mannerings6v6Jason Phillips
John Fowler5v7Steve Stuckey
Marcus Gibbons1v7Scott Foley
Jason Phillips 7v2Lee Phillips
Martin Budge5v7John Fowler
Andy Twigger7v2James Millen
Ben Mannerings7v2Steve Stuckey
Mick Caller 7v1Geoff Windeatt

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