Gravesham Money League - Division 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Andy Keeley1091069343528
2Paul Birmingham 1072164442023
3Doug McDade1164170551522
4Jamie Moore1061355451019
5Chris Harvey106045447718
6Dave Matthews 1052357441317
7Darren Latimer104155453113
8Marc Sunderland 113355859-112
9Pat Firth 103254761-1411
10Andy Mounger101364664-186
11James Shovelar 101183666-304
12Jo Herrington1000103270-380

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Paul Birmingham 7v3Jamie Moore
James Shovelar 7v4Jo Herrington
Andy Mounger5v7Pat Firth
Doug McDade6v6Darren Latimer
Dave Matthews 2v7Andy Keeley
Chris Harvey1v7Marc Sunderland
Jamie Moore6v6Doug McDade
Pat Firth 7v5James Shovelar
Chris Harvey7v5Darren Latimer
Andy Mounger6v6Marc Sunderland
Dave Matthews 6v6Paul Birmingham
Andy Keeley7v4Jo Herrington
Marc Sunderland 6v6Doug McDade
Jamie Moore1v7Chris Harvey
Marc Sunderland 7v5James Shovelar
Andy Keeley7v3Paul Birmingham
Darren Latimer4v7Andy Mounger
Pat Firth 7v4Jo Herrington
Darren Latimer7v1James Shovelar
Dave Matthews 4v7Doug McDade
Andy Mounger4v7Jamie Moore
Pat Firth 1v7Andy Keeley
Doug McDade6v6Paul Birmingham
Chris Harvey7v4Dave Matthews
Jo Herrington0v7Marc Sunderland
Paul Birmingham 7v4Chris Harvey
Marc Sunderland 6v6Pat Firth
Dave Matthews 7v1Andy Mounger
Darren Latimer7v2Jo Herrington
Andy Keeley7v4Doug McDade
Jamie Moore7v3James Shovelar
Chris Harvey4v7Doug McDade
Pat Firth 4v7Darren Latimer
Marc Sunderland 3v7Andy Keeley
Andy Mounger3v7Paul Birmingham
Jo Herrington5v7Jamie Moore
James Shovelar 3v7Dave Matthews
Doug McDade7v4Andy Mounger
Paul Birmingham 7v1James Shovelar
Jamie Moore7v0Pat Firth
Andy Keeley7v3Chris Harvey
Dave Matthews 7v1Jo Herrington
Marc Sunderland 4v7Jamie Moore
Darren Latimer5v7Andy Keeley
James Shovelar 3v7Doug McDade
Andy Mounger4v7Chris Harvey
Jo Herrington5v7Paul Birmingham
Pat Firth 6v6Dave Matthews
Darren Latimer7v5Marc Sunderland
Chris Harvey7v2James Shovelar
Doug McDade7v4Jo Herrington
Marc Sunderland 2v7Dave Matthews
Jamie Moore7v2Darren Latimer
Andy Keeley6v6Andy Mounger
Paul Birmingham 7v4Pat Firth
Chris Harvey7v3Jo Herrington
Paul Birmingham 7v5Marc Sunderland
Andy Keeley7v3Jamie Moore
James Shovelar 6v6Andy Mounger
Doug McDade7v5Pat Firth
Dave Matthews 7v4Darren Latimer

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