Grade5 2016 Volleyball Championship

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Stephen Curry 5B (3)22005031198
2B6 5B (4)21014044-46
3Ice Eagles 5B (2)21014148-76
4Volley Pops 5B (1)20024250-84
5Swag Monkeys 5K (3)00000000
6Pink Fluffy Unicorns 5L (3)00000000
7Vicious Volleyball 5L (2)00000000
8Legends 5K (1)00000000
9United 5K (4)00000000
10Two Minute Noodles 5T (3)00000000
115T (4)00000000
125K (2)00000000
135L (1)00000000
145T (2)00000000
15Don't Brag About Us 5T (1)00000000
16Electric Fires 5L (4)00000000

Viewed 233 times

Volley Pops 5B (1)19v25B6 5B (4)
Ice Eagles 5B (2)16v25Stephen Curry 5B (3)
Ice Eagles 5B (2)25v23Volley Pops 5B (1)
Stephen Curry 5B (3)25v15B6 5B (4)

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