Grade B singles league group B

Group B Tuesday night grade B singles
Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Carl Jones11100182394330
2Brad Chambers11100178433530
3James Bowden1180374472724
4Callum Brown 1170478433521
5Barry Johnson1170475462921
6Dan Townshend1170466551121
7Steven White115064972-2315
8James Green 114075269-1712
9Dan Dewberry113084576-319
10Steve Cornish 113084279-379
11Mark Popple112094477-336
12Dean Ralph1100114180-390

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Dan Townshend6v5Dean Ralph
James Green 6v5Mark Popple
James Green 6v5Dean Ralph
Dan Dewberry6v5Dean Ralph
Brad Chambers6v5James Bowden
Mark Popple7v4Dean Ralph
Callum Brown 8v3Mark Popple
Barry Johnson6v5Dan Dewberry
Carl Jones7v4Callum Brown
Barry Johnson10v1Steve Cornish
Barry Johnson4v7Callum Brown
Steve Cornish 6v5Steven White
Dan Dewberry6v5James Bowden
James Bowden8v3Dan Townshend
James Green 8v3Steve Cornish
Carl Jones6v5Brad Chambers
Barry Johnson4v7Brad Chambers
Callum Brown 9v2Steve Cornish
Carl Jones8v3Dan Townshend
Steve Cornish 2v9Brad Chambers
Dean Ralph4v7Steve Cornish
Steven White6v5Dan Dewberry
Carl Jones8v3Dan Dewberry
Steven White6v5Mark Popple
Barry Johnson4v7Dan Townshend
James Bowden6v5Mark Popple
Steven White7v4James Green
Dan Townshend9v2Steve Cornish
James Bowden8v3James Green
Barry Johnson8v3James Green
Callum Brown 5v6Brad Chambers
Carl Jones10v1Steven White
Mark Popple4v7Barry Johnson
Carl Jones10v1Mark Popple
Steven White7v4Dean Ralph
Callum Brown 9v2Dan Townshend
Dean Ralph3v8James Bowden
Brad Chambers7v4Dan Townshend
James Bowden8v3Steven White
Carl Jones8v3James Green
Callum Brown 11v0Dan Dewberry
Brad Chambers9v2Dan Dewberry
Dan Townshend9v2Mark Popple
James Bowden8v3Steve Cornish
Dan Townshend9v2Dan Dewberry
Barry Johnson11v0Steven White
James Green 4v7Callum Brown
Mark Popple3v8Brad Chambers
Dean Ralph3v8Carl Jones
Dan Dewberry7v4Steve Cornish
Barry Johnson4v7James Bowden
Steven White3v8Brad Chambers
Carl Jones7v4James Bowden
Callum Brown 4v7Steven White
Brad Chambers7v4James Green
Barry Johnson9v2Dean Ralph
Dan Dewberry5v6Mark Popple
Steve Cornish 8v3Mark Popple
Dean Ralph1v10Callum Brown
Carl Jones7v4Steve Cornish
Dan Townshend7v4James Green
Carl Jones3v8Barry Johnson
Dan Townshend7v4Steven White
James Bowden7v4Callum Brown
Dean Ralph5v6Brad Chambers
Dan Dewberry4v7James Green

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