Grade B singles league group A

Group A Tuesday night grade B singles
Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Mike Brignall11100176453130
2Jake Lloyd 1190279423727
3Chris Newell1180377443324
4Spencer Russon 117045764-721
5Kian Ballard1150666551115
6Andy Robinson115066358515
7Dan Harris115065566-1115
8Billy Dew115065566-1115
9Frankie Lee114075467-1312
10Alfie Buckley114075170-1912
11Robbie Neal113085863-59
12Lee McCall1110103586-513

Viewed 1531 times

Jake Lloyd 8v3Mike Brignall
Robbie Neal7v4Kian Ballard
Alfie Buckley7v4Lee McCall
Spencer Russon 6v5Lee McCall
Spencer Russon 9v2Andy Robinson
Billy Dew7v4Dan Harris
Robbie Neal10v1Lee McCall
Chris Newell7v4Frankie Lee
Chris Newell10v1Lee McCall
Robbie Neal4v7Alfie Buckley
Billy Dew6v5Frankie Lee
Jake Lloyd 6v5Andy Robinson
Spencer Russon 6v5Kian Ballard
Mike Brignall6v5Dan Harris
Chris Newell6v5Robbie Neal
Kian Ballard7v4Jake Lloyd
Billy Dew1v10Chris Newell
Andy Robinson5v6Dan Harris
Alfie Buckley5v6Spencer Russon
Mike Brignall7v4Frankie Lee
Spencer Russon 6v5Frankie Lee
Billy Dew5v6Andy Robinson
Billy Dew6v5Jake Lloyd
Chris Newell8v3Spencer Russon
Billy Dew1v10Mike Brignall
Alfie Buckley1v10Jake Lloyd
Kian Ballard8v3Dan Harris
Andy Robinson5v6Frankie Lee
Kian Ballard6v5Billy Dew
Frankie Lee7v4Lee McCall
Spencer Russon 6v5Robbie Neal
Lee McCall3v8Jake Lloyd
Chris Newell4v7Mike Brignall
Alfie Buckley9v2Dan Harris
Jake Lloyd 7v4Robbie Neal
Kian Ballard11v0Frankie Lee
Mike Brignall6v5Andy Robinson
Billy Dew8v3Alfie Buckley
Robbie Neal6v5Dan Harris
Chris Newell8v3Andy Robinson
Alfie Buckley5v6Frankie Lee
Mike Brignall6v5Kian Ballard
Dan Harris6v5Chris Newell
Jake Lloyd 10v1Spencer Russon
Dan Harris7v4Lee McCall
Dan Harris7v4Spencer Russon
Alfie Buckley3v8Andy Robinson
Lee McCall6v5Billy Dew
Robbie Neal4v7Frankie Lee
Jake Lloyd 8v3Chris Newell
Andy Robinson8v3Kian Ballard
Alfie Buckley2v9Mike Brignall
Chris Newell8v3Kian Ballard
Mike Brignall7v4Lee McCall
Dan Harris4v7Jake Lloyd
Billy Dew6v5Robbie Neal
Robbie Neal3v8Mike Brignall
Andy Robinson10v1Lee McCall
Kian Ballard5v6Alfie Buckley
Spencer Russon 6v5Billy Dew
Jake Lloyd 6v5Frankie Lee
Mike Brignall7v4Spencer Russon
Andy Robinson6v5Robbie Neal
Kian Ballard9v2Lee McCall
Dan Harris6v5Frankie Lee
Chris Newell8v3Alfie Buckley

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