Grade B singles league group A

Group A Tuesday night grade B singles
Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Mike Brignall33002211119
2Chris Newell2200166106
3Andy Robinson2200166106
4Jake Lloyd 220013946
5Kian Ballard3102171613
6Billy Dew2101111103
7Spencer Russon 21011012-23
8Dan Harris21011012-23
9Alfie Buckley2101913-43
10Frankie Lee20021012-20
11Robbie Neal30031320-70
12Lee McCall3003726-190

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Chris Newell8v3Kian Ballard
Mike Brignall7v4Lee McCall
Dan Harris4v7Jake Lloyd
Billy Dew6v5Robbie Neal
Robbie Neal3v8Mike Brignall
Andy Robinson10v1Lee McCall
Kian Ballard5v6Alfie Buckley
Spencer Russon 6v5Billy Dew
Jake Lloyd 6v5Frankie Lee
Mike Brignall7v4Spencer Russon
Andy Robinson6v5Robbie Neal
Kian Ballard9v2Lee McCall
Dan Harris6v5Frankie Lee
Chris Newell8v3Alfie Buckley

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