Grade 6 Handball Tournament - Mixed

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Amazing Unicorns (B3)44002071565112
2Dora and the Llamas (V1)4301184130549
3Deadly Norwals (B4)4301134109259
4KB Heroes (V4)4301166146209
5Thunder J's (V2)430113813449
6Dora the Explorers (K3)430115215119
7The Mexicans (R3)4202150134166
8KAAJ (K4)420219719346
9Lumen Christi Cowboys (K1)4202108112-46
10Spicy Nachos (B1)4202123144-216
11Awesome (R1)4103101121-203
12Mighty Gujons FC (R4)4103100120-203
13Super Kickers (K2) 4103151173-223
14Pink Fluffy Unicorns (R2)4103120142-223
15Rebel Gang (B2)410394118-243
16We Have No Name (V3)4004100142-420

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KAAJ (K4)82v111Amazing Unicorns (B3)
KB Heroes (V4)54v32Mighty Gujons FC (R4)
Rebel Gang (B2)34v30Super Kickers (K2)
Thunder J's (V2)34v24Awesome (R1)
Lumen Christi Cowboys (K1)37v21Spicy Nachos (B1)
Dora and the Llamas (V1)49v32Pink Fluffy Unicorns (R2)
We Have No Name (V3)29v48The Mexicans (R3)
Dora the Explorers (K3)43v41Deadly Norwals (B4)
Super Kickers (K2) 36v52KB Heroes (V4)
Awesome (R1)27v37Amazing Unicorns (B3)
Mighty Gujons FC (R4)37v31Rebel Gang (B2)
KAAJ (K4)57v37Thunder J's (V2)
Pink Fluffy Unicorns (R2)30v46Deadly Norwals (B4)
Spicy Nachos (B1)34v50The Mexicans (R3)
We Have No Name (V3)30v33Lumen Christi Cowboys (K1)
Dora and the Llamas (V1)54v28Dora the Explorers (K3)
We Have No Name (V3)20v34KAAJ (K4)
Amazing Unicorns (B3)23v20Mighty Gujons FC (R4)
Deadly Norwals (B4)35v25The Mexicans (R3)
Dora the Explorers (K3)54v35KB Heroes (V4)
Lumen Christi Cowboys (K1)12v23Thunder J's (V2)
Awesome (R1)31v24Rebel Gang (B2)
Dora and the Llamas (V1)43v44Super Kickers (K2)
Spicy Nachos (B1)42v38Pink Fluffy Unicorns (R2)
Deadly Norwals (B4)12v11Mighty Gujons FC (R4)
KAAJ (K4)24v25KB Heroes (V4)
Amazing Unicorns (B3)36v27The Mexicans (R3)
Dora the Explorers (K3)27v21We Have No Name (V3)
Rebel Gang (B2)5v20Pink Fluffy Unicorns (R2)
Super Kickers (K2) 41v44Thunder J's (V2)
Spicy Nachos (B1)26v19Awesome (R1)
Lumen Christi Cowboys (K1)26v38Dora and the Llamas (V1)

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