Grade 6 Girls - European Handball

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
3European Minions63032022-26
4European Marshmallows6213272435
5Sassy 752121624-85
6Chubby Norwals6213818-105
78 Little Pigs61231420-64
8Feisty Females5104813-52

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European Minions7v6European Marshmallows
Chubby Norwals2v1Feisty Females
Sassy 77v48 Little Pigs
European Marshmallows3v6A-Troop
Chubby Norwals2v5European Minions
Warriors5v28 Little Pigs
European Marshmallows5v2Feisty Females
European Minions4v1Chubby Norwals
Warriors11v3Sassy 7
8 Little Pigs1v4A-Troop
8 Little Pigs1v1Sassy 7
European Minions1v6European Marshmallows
Feisty Females0v1Chubby Norwals
Sassy 72v6A-Troop
8 Little Pigs2v2Warriors
Chubby Norwals2v2European Marshmallows
Feisty Females3v2European Minions
European Minions1v48 Little Pigs
Sassy 73v2Feisty Females
A-Troop6v0Chubby Norwals
Warriors6v5European Marshmallows

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