Grade 6 Boys - European Handball

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Raining Storm65012618810
2Gangster Rebels65012316710
3European Unicorns6303242406
4Girl Power6303212106
6Spartan Turkeys6204282714
7Majestic Unicorns6204252504
8Six Stooges61052238-162

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European Unicorns4v5Girl Power
Gangster Rebels5v4Ducklings
Spartan Turkeys10v2Six Stooges
Raining Storm7v3Majestic Unicorns
Majestic Unicorns5v3Six Stooges
Ducklings1v2Raining Storm
European Unicorns4v3Spartan Turkeys
Gangster Rebels5v4Girl Power
Spartan Turkeys7v6Majestic Unicorns
Raining Storm7v6Six Stooges
Ducklings3v2Girl Power
Gangster Rebels4v3European Unicorns
Ducklings0v2Gangster Rebels
European Unicorns4v3Girl Power
Six Stooges5v4Spartan Turkeys
Majestic Unicorns2v3Raining Storm
Girl Power3v2Gangster Rebels
European Unicorns3v4Ducklings
Raining Storm5v1Spartan Turkeys
Majestic Unicorns6v1Six Stooges
European Unicorns6v5Six Stooges
Ducklings5v3Spartan Turkeys
Majestic Unicorns3v4Girl Power
Gangster Rebels5v2Raining Storm

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