Gordon Walton League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Blackhill St. Mary's1411213462835
2Tanfield Lea1410312972233
4Consett St. Pats A146441212022
5Consett Co.145271617-117
6Lanchester EP143110820-1210
7Consett St. Pats B1431101226-1410
8Delves Lane140212546-412

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Consett St. Pats B0v1Burnopfield
Consett St. Pats B0v1Tanfield Lea
Consett St. Pats A1v2Tanfield Lea
Consett St. Pats A1v0Burnopfield
Consett St. Pats B1v0Lanchester EP
Consett St. Pats B1v0Consett Co.
Consett St. Pats A1v0Consett Co.
Consett St. Pats A1v0Lanchester EP
Delves Lane1v2Consett St. Pats A
Delves Lane0v3Consett St. Pats B
Consett St. Pats A1v0Consett St. Pats B
Blackhill St. Mary's2v1Consett St. Pats B
Blackhill St. Mary's1v0Consett St. Pats A
Blackhill St. Mary's8v1Delves Lane
Burnopfield1v0Lanchester EP
Burnopfield4v0Consett Co.
Lanchester EP0v2Consett Co.
Tanfield Lea1v1Consett Co.
Tanfield Lea2v0Lanchester EP
Tanfield Lea0v0Burnopfield
Consett St. Pats B0v3Lanchester EP
Consett St. Pats B1v3Consett Co.
Consett St. Pats A1v1Consett Co.
Consett St. Pats A0v0Lanchester EP
Blackhill St. Mary's1v0Consett Co.
Delves Lane0v1Consett Co.
Delves Lane1v3Lanchester EP
Blackhill St. Mary's3v0Lanchester EP
Burnopfield0v2Blackhill St. Mary's
Burnopfield8v0Delves Lane
Tanfield Lea5v0Delves Lane
Tanfield Lea2v0Blackhill St. Mary's
Tanfield Lea3v1Consett St. Pats B
Burnopfield2v1Consett St. Pats B
Burnopfield2v0Consett St. Pats A
Tanfield Lea3v1Consett St. Pats A
Tanfield Lea4v0Delves Lane
Burnopfield1v0Delves Lane
Tanfield Lea0v0Blackhill St. Mary's
Blackhill St. Mary's2v1Consett Co.
Delves Lane0v2Lanchester EP
Delves Lane0v2Consett Co.
Blackhill St. Mary's1v0Lanchester EP
Delves Lane0v0Consett St. Pats A
Burnopfield3v0Lanchester EP
Blackhill St. Mary's6v0Consett St. Pats B
Tanfield Lea3v2Consett Co.
Blackhill St. Mary's1v1Consett St. Pats A
Tanfield Lea3v0Lanchester EP
Delves Lane2v2Consett St. Pats B
Burnopfield2v1Consett Co.
Consett St. Pats A2v1Consett St. Pats B
Lanchester EP0v2Consett Co.
Blackhill St. Mary's5v0Delves Lane
Tanfield Lea0v1Burnopfield
Blackhill St. Mary's2v0Burnopfield

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