GNFA Domestic League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Real Madrid342266100336772
3New Generation 342086108416768
4Young Lovers33214877473067
5Green Stars32196777383963
6Majuba United 341941157391861
7Huntus United 33178866353159
8All Stars321751062491356
9City Pillars341671163471655
11Kiddo Kids33115174853-538
12Young Dribblers33122195276-2438
14Agreement 3176184079-3927
15Hawaii FC3383224081-4127
17Red Devils3263233367-3421
18Barcelona 33422727157-13014

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New Generation 1v1Young Lovers
Young Dribblers4v3Young Lovers
Arsenal6v0Hawaii FC
City Pillars1v1Huntus United
Killers3v0Real Madrid
Majuba United 2v0Valencia
Huntus United 1v2Killers
Killers2v0Kiddo Kids
Majuba United 0v1New Generation
Real Madrid7v1Red Devils
Huntus United 2v0Highlanders
City Pillars9v2Young Dribblers
Arsenal1v0Young Dribblers
Killers1v1Young Lovers
All Stars2v1Hawaii FC
Huntus United 0v0Majuba United
Green Stars2v0Agreement
New Generation 2v0Kiddo Kids
Real Madrid2v0Barcelona
Red Devils0v2Valencia
Highlanders0v2City Pillars
Green Stars4v1Kiddo Kids
Red Devils1v6All Stars
Agreement 0v2New Generation
City Pillars1v0Majuba United
Arsenal0v2Young Lovers
Barcelona 0v2Killers
Hawaii FC1v2Real Madrid
Barcelona 1v3City Pillars
Kiddo Kids0v2Young Dribblers
Green Stars1v2Real Madrid
Killers2v1Majuba United
Huntus United 1v5Young Lovers
All Stars1v0New Generation
Red Devils0v2Hawaii FC
Barcelona 2v0Agreement
Young Dribblers2v0Valencia
Green Stars2v0Killers
Kiddo Kids8v0Arsenal
Huntus United 1v0Real Madrid
Majuba United 2v4All Stars
City Pillars3v0Hawaii FC
New Generation 2v0Highlanders
Green Stars1v0Huntus United
New Generation 4v1Hawaii FC
Red Devils0v2Arsenal
Arsenal0v7All Stars
Kiddo Kids0v0City Pillars
Real Madrid1v2Majuba United
Young Dribblers1v3Killers
Young Lovers3v1All Stars
Barcelona 2v2Red Devils
Majuba United 2v0Red Devils
All Stars0v0Highlanders
Young Lovers5v2Barcelona
Red Devils3v5Huntus United
Real Madrid1v1Arsenal
City Pillars7v2Valencia
New Generation 2v1Green Stars
Majuba United 1v0Young Dribblers
Kiddo Kids1v3Hawaii FC
Majuba United 4v1Barcelona
Red Devils0v2Green Stars
New Generation 3v3City Pillars
Killers2v0Red Devils
Agreement 0v2Red Devils
Highlanders0v2Young Dribblers
Barcelona 1v5Green Stars
Kiddo Kids1v3Young Lovers
City Pillars1v3All Stars
Arsenal2v3Huntus United
New Generation 2v3Real Madrid
Majuba United 2v1Hawaii FC
Killers2v0All Stars
Young Lovers1v2City Pillars
Green Stars3v0Majuba United
Real Madrid5v1Agreement
New Generation 6v0Young Dribblers
Huntus United 3v1Kiddo Kids
Hawaii FC2v0Highlanders
Kiddo Kids3v1Valencia
Young Dribblers1v4Green Stars
Real Madrid2v0Highlanders
Huntus United 5v1Barcelona
New Generation 1v0Red Devils
Killers2v0City Pillars
Majuba United 3v2Young Lovers
Hawaii FC1v0Agreement
Huntus United 3v2Young Dribblers
City Pillars2v0Red Devils
Young Lovers2v0Green Stars
Agreement 4v2Majuba United
Real Madrid6v1All Stars
Barcelona 3v2Kiddo Kids
Killers2v0Hawaii FC
New Generation 7v0Arsenal
Young Dribblers2v0Red Devils
Valencia2v2Green Stars
Kiddo Kids4v4Agreement
Huntus United 1v1All Stars
Young Lovers3v2Hawaii FC
New Generation 6v1Barcelona
Real Madrid1v1City Pillars
Arsenal0v4Majuba United
City Pillars2v1Green Stars
Highlanders1v1Kiddo Kids
Real Madrid4v2Young Lovers
New Generation 6v3Valencia
All Stars3v0Barcelona
Young Dribblers2v1Hawaii FC
Huntus United 0v1Agreement
Highlanders0v2Young Lovers
Hawaii FC1v2Valencia
Kiddo Kids0v2All Stars
Real Madrid5v2Young Dribblers
Real Madrid4v0Valencia
Highlanders0v3Green Stars
Agreement 4v1Young Lovers
Young Dribblers0v2All Stars
Huntus United 2v2New Generation
City Pillars1v1Arsenal
Kiddo Kids0v2Majuba United
Barcelona 2v0Hawaii FC
Huntus United 2v0Red Devils
Kiddo Kids2v0Majuba United
Arsenal3v4Green Stars
City Pillars5v1Agreement
Young Lovers4v2Red Devils
Real Madrid1v0Kiddo Kids
Barcelona 0v2Young Dribblers
Huntus United 2v0Hawaii FC
All Stars2v0Valencia
Highlanders0v2Majuba United
Killers2v2New Generation
Real Madrid9v0Hawaii FC
Arsenal2v2Young Lovers
Huntus United 2v0Valencia
Barcelona 1v26Killers
Red Devils1v2All Stars
City Pillars1v2Majuba United
Agreement 1v4New Generation
Green Stars2v0Kiddo Kids
Red Devils2v0Highlanders
Young Dribblers3v6Young Lovers
Agreement 1v3Highlanders
Young Lovers3v1Huntus United
Kiddo Kids4v3Young Dribblers
Green Stars1v2Real Madrid
Killers0v2Majuba United
New Generation 6v1All Stars
City Pillars5v0Barcelona
Hawaii FC2v0Red Devils
Valencia0v2Young Dribblers
Killers2v3Green Stars
Arsenal0v2Kiddo Kids
All Stars2v1Majuba United
Agreement 4v4Barcelona
Huntus United 0v0Real Madrid
New Generation 2v2Highlanders
City Pillars1v0Hawaii FC
Kiddo Kids2v0City Pillars
Red Devils5v0Barcelona
All Stars0v1Young Lovers
Young Dribblers1v2Killers
Hawaii FC3v10New Generation
Huntus United 4v1Green Stars
Majuba United 1v0Real Madrid
Agreement 1v2Valencia
City Pillars1v0Valencia
Highlanders1v1All Stars
Agreement 2v5Killers
Arsenal1v4Real Madrid
Green Stars1v1New Generation
Majuba United 2v2Young Dribblers
Barcelona 0v1Young Lovers
Kiddo Kids2v1Hawaii FC
Agreement 3v1Red Devils
Highlanders2v0Young Dribblers
Young Lovers2v1Kiddo Kids
All Stars1v0City Pillars
Barcelona 0v8Green Stars
New Generation 0v0Real Madrid
Arsenal3v0Huntus United
Hawaii FC2v5Majuba United
Barcelona 0v7Valencia
Real Madrid9v1Agreement
Killers6v2All Stars
New Generation 8v2Young Dribblers
Huntus United 2v0Kiddo Kids
Green Stars1v0Majuba United
City Pillars3v1Young Lovers
Arsenal2v4Red Devils
Hawaii FC1v0Highlanders
Green Stars3v1Young Dribblers
Arsenal2v0All Stars
Real Madrid2v0Highlanders
Huntus United 15v0Barcelona
Majuba United 1v1Young Lovers
City Pillars2v1Killers
New Generation 5v2Red Devils
Kiddo Kids3v1Valencia
Agreement 2v1Hawaii FC
Kiddo Kids1v2Real Madrid
Agreement 0v3Green Stars
Killers1v0Young Lovers
City Pillars5v0Highlanders
Red Devils3v2Valencia
Barcelona 1v12Real Madrid
Hawaii FC1v4All Stars
Arsenal1v0Young Dribblers
New Generation 1v0Kiddo Kids
Huntus United 1v0Majuba United
Agreement 1v1Majuba United
Hawaii FC1v4Killers
Arsenal2v1New Generation
All Stars3v2Real Madrid
Green Stars0v4Young Lovers
Huntus United 1v0Young Dribblers
City Pillars0v1Red Devils
Barcelona 0v2Kiddo Kids
Red Devils0v0Young Dribblers
City Pillars0v5Real Madrid
Valencia0v3Green Stars
Barcelona 0v12New Generation
Huntus United 4v1All Stars
Agreement 0v0Kiddo Kids
Arsenal2v1Majuba United
Hawaii FC1v2Young Lovers
Agreement 2v2Arsenal
Green Stars6v1City Pillars
Kiddo Kids3v4Highlanders
Real Madrid0v1Young Lovers
Killers1v0Huntus United
Majuba United 1v0Red Devils
New Generation 1v2Valencia
Barcelona 1v4All Stars
Hawaii FC1v2Young Dribblers
Barcelona 0v3Highlanders
Agreement 1v7Young Dribblers
Green Stars1v1All Stars
New Generation 3v1Young Lovers
Arsenal2v2Hawaii FC
City Pillars0v0Huntus United
Majuba United 4v3Valencia
Kiddo Kids1v0Red Devils
Killers1v1Real Madrid
Highlanders2v6Young Lovers
Kiddo Kids2v1All Stars
New Generation 2v0City Pillars
Huntus United 2v1Agreement
Majuba United 5v1Barcelona
Hawaii FC3v3Valencia
Real Madrid3v1Young Dribblers
Green Stars1v1Red Devils
Real Madrid1v1Valencia
Arsenal5v0City Pillars
Huntus United 1v1New Generation
Young Lovers3v0Agreement
Green Stars3v0Highlanders
All Stars3v1Young Dribblers
Red Devils0v1Killers
Barcelona 0v2Hawaii FC
Red Devils1v2Young Lovers
Agreement 0v0City Pillars
Young Dribblers1v0Barcelona
New Generation 2v4Killers
Valencia0v0All Stars
Green Stars3v3Arsenal
Highlanders0v1Majuba United
Hawaii FC1v0Huntus United
Huntus United 1v1Highlanders
Real Madrid2v1Red Devils
Agreement 2v1All Stars
Valencia0v1Young Lovers
Hawaii FC2v2Green Stars
New Generation 0v1Majuba United
Kiddo Kids1v1Killers
Young Dribblers2v1City Pillars

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