GNFA Domestic League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Young Lovers97022081221
3Arsenal 95401910919
4Real Madrid952228101817
5Majuba United 9522148617
6Green Stars944122121016
7Huntus United 9432106415
8All Stars94231814414
9New Generation 941423111213
10Young Dribblers 94141411313
11Kiddo Kids9333109112
12Highlanders 93151221-910
13Hawaii FC92341419-59
14Red Devils 9225710-38
15Agreement 9144719-127
17City Pillars9126721-145
18Barcelona 9009443-390

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Agreement 0v3Green Stars
Killers1v0Young Lovers
City Pillars5v0Highlanders
Red Devils 3v2Valencia
Barcelona 1v12Real Madrid
Hawaii FC1v4All Stars
Arsenal 1v0Young Dribblers
New Generation 1v0Kiddo Kids
Huntus United 1v0Majuba United
Highlanders 2v0Valencia
Agreement 1v1Majuba United
Hawaii FC1v4Killers
Arsenal 2v1New Generation
All Stars3v2Real Madrid
Green Stars0v4Young Lovers
Huntus United 1v0Young Dribblers
City Pillars0v1Red Devils
Barcelona 0v2Kiddo Kids
Red Devils 0v0Young Dribblers
City Pillars0v5Real Madrid
Valencia0v3Green Stars
Barcelona 0v12New Generation
Highlanders 0v2Killers
Huntus United 4v1All Stars
Agreement 0v0Kiddo Kids
Arsenal 2v1Majuba United
Hawaii FC1v2Young Lovers
Agreement 2v2Arsenal
Green Stars6v1City Pillars
Kiddo Kids3v4Highlanders
Real Madrid0v1Young Lovers
Killers1v0Huntus United
Majuba United 1v0Red Devils
New Generation 1v2Valencia
Barcelona 1v4All Stars
Hawaii FC1v2Young Dribblers
Barcelona 0v3Highlanders
Agreement 1v7Young Dribblers
Green Stars1v1All Stars
New Generation 3v1Young Lovers
Arsenal 2v2Hawaii FC
City Pillars0v0Huntus United
Majuba United 4v3Valencia
Kiddo Kids1v0Red Devils
Killers1v1Real Madrid
Highlanders 2v6Young Lovers
Kiddo Kids2v1All Stars
New Generation 2v0City Pillars
Huntus United 2v1Agreement
Majuba United 5v1Barcelona
Hawaii FC3v3Valencia
Real Madrid3v1Young Dribblers
Green Stars1v1Red Devils
Real Madrid1v1Valencia
Arsenal 5v0City Pillars
Huntus United 1v1New Generation
Young Lovers3v0Agreement
Green Stars3v0Highlanders
Kiddo Kids0v0Majuba United
All Stars3v1Young Dribblers
Red Devils 0v1Killers
Barcelona 0v2Hawaii FC
Red Devils 1v2Young Lovers
Agreement 0v0City Pillars
Young Dribblers 1v0Barcelona
New Generation 2v4Killers
Valencia0v0All Stars
Green Stars3v3Arsenal
Highlanders 0v1Majuba United
Kiddo Kids1v2Real Madrid
Hawaii FC1v0Huntus United
Arsenal 2v1Barcelona
Huntus United 1v1Highlanders
Real Madrid2v1Red Devils
Agreement 2v1All Stars
Valencia0v1Young Lovers
Hawaii FC2v2Green Stars
New Generation 0v1Majuba United
Kiddo Kids1v1Killers
Young Dribblers 2v1City Pillars

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