Glasgow Touch Mixed Division 3 2015 - Aggregated Results

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Glasgow Centurions1071261293225
2Touch Courage971180423824
4Yorkhill Bears961271403122
5PWC Panthers104064664-1818
6Glasgow Lions Cyclones92073465-3113
7Inchinnan Raptors92072361-3813
8Honey Badgers90092571-469

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Glasgow Centurions8v2PWC Panthers
Honey Badgers5v6PWC Panthers
Glasgow Lions Cyclones2v7GUAC
Glasgow Centurions7v2Inchinnan Raptors
Touch Courage8v9Yorkhill Bears
Glasgow Centurions3v4Glasgow Lions Cyclones
Touch Courage7v5Honey Badgers
GUAC9v2Inchinnan Raptors
Yorkhill Bears17v3PWC Panthers
PWC Panthers13v3Glasgow Lions Cyclones
GUAC3v10Glasgow Centurions
Inchinnan Raptors2v9Yorkhill Bears
Honey Badgers3v13Touch Courage
GUAC8v1Inchinnan Raptors
Glasgow Centurions2v5Touch Courage
PWC Panthers2v4Yorkhill Bears
Glasgow Lions Cyclones10v1Honey Badgers
Inchinnan Raptors3v5PWC Panthers
Touch Courage9v4Glasgow Lions Cyclones
Honey Badgers4v12GUAC
Yorkhill Bears3v3Glasgow Centurions
Touch Courage12v9PWC Panthers
Yorkhill Bears11v2Honey Badgers
Glasgow Centurions9v3Inchinnan Raptors
Glasgow Lions Cyclones1v8GUAC
Inchinnan Raptors3v0Glasgow Lions Cyclones
Honey Badgers2v3Glasgow Centurions
Touch Courage10v4Yorkhill Bears
PWC Panthers2v5GUAC
Inchinnan Raptors2v12Touch Courage
Glasgow Centurions10v5Glasgow Lions Cyclones
Honey Badgers1v4PWC Panthers
GUAC5v3Yorkhill Bears
Glasgow Lions Cyclones5v11Yorkhill Bears
Glasgow Centurions6v0PWC Panthers
Inchinnan Raptors5v2Honey Badgers
GUAC4v4Touch Courage

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