Gilmerton Miners

Gilmerton Miners Premier League 2019
Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Harry Todman14121195177825
2Jimmy Brooks14112183295424
3Mark Lamb14120274383624
4Jason Bonnar14111278344423
5Brian Duffy1493272403221
6Mo Johnston 146445953616
7Frank Clark1463563491415
8Willie Mcdonald 146265755214
9Andy Wilson145274864-1612
10John Urquhart 144194765-189
11Alan Farmer143384468-249
12Davie Elliot1431103577-427
13Martin Wright1430113874-366
14Chris Mason1411122686-603
15Benny Sim1410132191-702

Viewed 894 times

Jason Bonnar5v3Martin Wright
Mark Lamb6v2Chris Mason
Mark Lamb5v3Martin Wright
Jason Bonnar8v0John Urquhart
Benny Sim2v6Alan Farmer
Willie Mcdonald 7v1Davie Elliot
Andy Wilson5v3Chris Mason
Harry Todman4v4Jimmy Brooks
Brian Duffy4v4Mo Johnston
Jason Bonnar5v3Willie Mcdonald
John Urquhart 5v3Davie Elliot
Mo Johnston 5v3Alan Farmer
Jimmy Brooks5v3Frank Clark
Mark Lamb6v2Andy Wilson
Chris Mason6v2Benny Sim
Harry Todman8v0Mark Lamb
Davie Elliot6v2Andy Wilson
Mo Johnston 4v4Frank Clark
Brian Duffy5v3Harry Todman
Benny Sim1v7Martin Wright
John Urquhart 7v1Martin Wright
Harry Todman8v0Mo Johnston
Harry Todman8v0Benny Sim
Brian Duffy5v3Jimmy Brooks
Martin Wright1v7Mo Johnston
Jimmy Brooks7v1Willie Mcdonald
Jason Bonnar8v0Chris Mason
Davie Elliot1v7Brian Duffy
Frank Clark1v7Harry Todman
Alan Farmer0v8Harry Todman
Davie Elliot5v3Chris Mason
Martin Wright6v2Chris Mason
Alan Farmer4v4Chris Mason
Frank Clark6v2Chris Mason
Willie Mcdonald 7v1Chris Mason
John Urquhart 7v1Chris Mason
Brian Duffy7v1Chris Mason
Jimmy Brooks7v1Chris Mason
Harry Todman8v0Chris Mason
Mo Johnston 8v0Chris Mason
John Urquhart 1v7Jimmy Brooks
Benny Sim2v6Andy Wilson
Davie Elliot3v5Martin Wright
Brian Duffy3v5Jason Bonnar
Andy Wilson5v3Alan Farmer
Benny Sim1v7Mark Lamb
Harry Todman8v0Davie Elliot
Jason Bonnar5v3Frank Clark
Brian Duffy5v3Willie Mcdonald
Mo Johnston 5v3Andy Wilson
Willie Mcdonald 5v3John Urquhart
Alan Farmer4v4Davie Elliot
Mark Lamb5v3Frank Clark
John Urquhart 2v6Brian Duffy
Jason Bonnar7v1Alan Farmer
Frank Clark3v5Willie Mcdonald
Benny Sim3v5Davie Elliot
Jimmy Brooks8v0Martin Wright
Mark Lamb6v2Mo Johnston
Mark Lamb6v2Alan Farmer
Jason Bonnar6v2Andy Wilson
Willie Mcdonald 6v2Martin Wright
Frank Clark5v3John Urquhart
Harry Todman5v3Jason Bonnar
Harry Todman6v2Andy Wilson
Frank Clark4v4Brian Duffy
John Urquhart 4v4Mo Johnston
Benny Sim1v7Jason Bonnar
Alan Farmer1v7Jimmy Brooks
Frank Clark7v1Davie Elliot
Mo Johnston 8v0Benny Sim
Jimmy Brooks6v2Andy Wilson
Jason Bonnar1v7Mark Lamb
Martin Wright3v5Brian Duffy
Alan Farmer3v5Willie Mcdonald
Frank Clark5v3Martin Wright
Mo Johnston 5v3Davie Elliot
Alan Farmer5v3John Urquhart
Benny Sim1v7Jimmy Brooks
Mark Lamb7v1Davie Elliot
Willie Mcdonald 4v4Andy Wilson
Jimmy Brooks4v4Jason Bonnar
Jason Bonnar7v1Mo Johnston
Willie Mcdonald 3v5Benny Sim
Jimmy Brooks5v3Mark Lamb
Harry Todman8v0Martin Wright
John Urquhart 3v5Andy Wilson
Alan Farmer2v6Brian Duffy
Benny Sim2v6John Urquhart
Brian Duffy4v4Andy Wilson
Frank Clark4v4Alan Farmer
Mark Lamb6v2Willie Mcdonald
Jason Bonnar7v1Davie Elliot
Jimmy Brooks6v2Mo Johnston
Alan Farmer6v2Martin Wright
Harry Todman6v2Willie Mcdonald
John Urquhart 3v5Mark Lamb
Benny Sim0v8Brian Duffy
Andy Wilson0v8Frank Clark
Mo Johnston 4v4Willie Mcdonald
Mark Lamb5v3Brian Duffy
Andy Wilson6v2Martin Wright
Frank Clark7v1Benny Sim
Jimmy Brooks7v1Davie Elliot
Harry Todman8v0John Urquhart

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