Gilmerton Miners League B

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Joe Malone862047173014
2Rab Fegan862045192614
3Jimmy Brooks861150143613
4Scott Inglis850338261210
5Davie Elliott83232935-68
6Andy Scotland82152341-185
7John Urquhart81252242-204
8Peter Steward81071945-262
9Mike Reid80261549-342

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Rab Fegan4v4Joe Malone
Andy Scotland5v3Peter Steward
Jimmy Brooks5v3Scott Inglis
Davie Elliott4v4Mike Reid
Andy Scotland8v0Mike Reid
Davie Elliott5v3Peter Steward
John Urquhart4v4Mike Reid
Rab Fegan6v2Davie Elliott
Joe Malone7v1John Urquhart
Jimmy Brooks8v0Mike Reid
Rab Fegan5v3John Urquhart
Andy Scotland1v7Joe Malone
Scott Inglis5v3Peter Steward
Jimmy Brooks7v1Davie Elliott
Mike Reid3v5Peter Steward
Andy Scotland4v4John Urquhart
Joe Malone6v2Scott Inglis
Jimmy Brooks4v4Rab Fegan
Scott Inglis6v2John Urquhart
Jimmy Brooks8v0Peter Steward
Joe Malone7v1Mike Reid
Andy Scotland0v8Rab Fegan
Rab Fegan6v2Peter Steward
Andy Scotland2v6Scott Inglis
Joe Malone4v4Davie Elliott
Rab Fegan5v3Scott Inglis
Joe Malone5v3Jimmy Brooks
John Urquhart1v7Davie Elliott
Joe Malone7v1Peter Steward
Jimmy Brooks7v1John Urquhart
Davie Elliott5v3Andy Scotland
Jimmy Brooks8v0Andy Scotland
Mike Reid2v6Scott Inglis
John Urquhart6v2Peter Steward
Scott Inglis7v1Davie Elliott
Rab Fegan7v1Mike Reid

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