Gilmerton Miners League A

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Ian Prior980155173816
2Grant Shields972051213016
3Andy Wilson962148242414
4Alan Farmer942341311010
5Lee Ford9414363609
6Alan Ramsay92343141-107
7Benny Sim93153042-127
8Frank Clark92252844-166
9Ged Moan92162745-185
10Pepe Sansorra90091359-460

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Ian Prior7v1Frank Clark
Grant Shields4v4Alan Ramsay
Benny Sim4v4Alan Farmer
Andy Wilson6v2Ged Moan
Lee Ford6v2Pepe Sansorra
Grant Shields5v3Ian Prior
Grant Shields7v1Benny Sim
Alan Ramsay1v7Ian Prior
Alan Farmer4v4Andy Wilson
Grant Shields8v0Pepe Sansorra
Ian Prior8v0Ged Moan
Ian Prior5v3Alan Farmer
Lee Ford6v2Benny Sim
Alan Farmer5v3Ged Moan
Andy Wilson5v3Lee Ford
Ian Prior7v1Lee Ford
Alan Ramsay4v4Frank Clark
Lee Ford7v1Ged Moan
Grant Shields4v4Andy Wilson
Ian Prior6v2Pepe Sansorra
Ian Prior6v2Andy Wilson
Pepe Sansorra2v6Frank Clark
Alan Farmer3v5Lee Ford
Grant Shields7v1Ged Moan
Ian Prior6v2Benny Sim
Alan Ramsay7v1Pepe Sansorra
Benny Sim8v0Frank Clark
Alan Farmer2v6Grant Shields
Alan Ramsay2v6Benny Sim
Grant Shields5v3Lee Ford
Andy Wilson5v3Frank Clark
Benny Sim6v2Pepe Sansorra
Alan Ramsay1v7Andy Wilson
Frank Clark4v4Ged Moan
Alan Farmer8v0Frank Clark
Ged Moan3v5Alan Ramsay
Andy Wilson7v1Pepe Sansorra
Frank Clark7v1Lee Ford
Ged Moan6v2Pepe Sansorra
Andy Wilson8v0Benny Sim
Alan Farmer5v3Alan Ramsay
Alan Ramsay4v4Lee Ford
Grant Shields5v3Frank Clark
Alan Farmer7v1Pepe Sansorra
Ged Moan7v1Benny Sim

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