Gilbert's willenhall Wednesday night darts league table 2013/2014

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Merry Boys220010464
4The Vine Inn00000000
5The Whimsey Inn00000000
6The United Kingdom00000000
7Why Not Inn00000000
8Willenhall Liberal B00000000
9Willenhall Liberal A00000000
10The Robin Hood00000000
11Three Crowns00000000
12The Forge Tavern00000000
13Grapes B00000000
14Gilbert's B00000000
15Jolly Collier00000000
16Poets Corner00000000
17The County00000000
18Pool hayes00000000
19The Grapes A00000000
20Gilbert's A4004622-160
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Merry Boys5v2Gilbert's A
Merry Boys5v2Gilbert's A
Homestead7v0Gilbert's A
Crown5v2Gilbert's A

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