Gilbert's Manor Astro U21 League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1The Candy Shop3300268189
2Berocca Juniors32011920-16
3Akinfewna Angels3111232034
4Pecks Utd3111121024
6Junior Cyganos3003929-200

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Berocca Juniors4v2Pecks Utd
Akinfewna Angels10v3Junior Cyganos
VRB's3v6The Candy Shop
Junior Cyganos5v10VRB's
Akinfewna Angels7v11Berocca Juniors
The Candy Shop9v1Junior Cyganos
Pecks Utd4v0VRB's
The Candy Shop11v4Berocca Juniors
Pecks Utd6v6Akinfewna Angels

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