Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Sporting Real107301910924
2Waa Banjul10613138519
4Gunjur United9432128415
5Steve Biko943254115
6Brufut United10352107314
7Kiang West103431315-213
8S/k East Bi Fc1033498112
10Team Rahino9324710-311
12Young Africans1024436-310
13L/k United916289-19
142 Infantry92341013-39
15Red Hawks9225811-38
16Lions Of Banjul9216817-97

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Waa Banjul1v2Kiang West
S/k East Bi Fc0v0Young Africans
Brufut United1v12 Infantry
Red Hawks1v1Sporting Real
Lions Of Banjul1v1Team Rahino
Gunjur United3v22 Infantry
S/k East Bi Fc1v1Sporting Real
Kiang West2v1Bombada
Jambanjelly0v0Brufut United
Young Africans0v1Immigration
L/k United1v2Waa Banjul
Red Hawks0v1Steve Biko
Jambanjelly1v1Gunjur United
Waa Banjul2v0Lions Of Banjul
Bombada2v2L/k United
Team Rahino0v1Red Hawks
Immigration0v02 Infantry
Steve Biko1v0S/k East Bi Fc
Sporting Real1v0Young Africans
Brufut United1v0Kiang West
Sporting Real2v0Steve Biko
S/k East Bi Fc0v1Team Rahino
2 Infantry0v1Young Africans
Kiang West1v4Gunjur United
Red Hawks0v2Waa Banjul
L/k United0v0Brufut United
Lions Of Banjul0v4Bombada
Brufut United3v0Lions Of Banjul
Kiang West1v1Immigration
Gunjur United1v1L/k United
Steve Biko1v0Young Africans
Red Hawks1v2Bombada
2 Infantry1v4Jambanjelly
Team Rahino1v1Sporting Real
Waa Banjul1v0S/k East Bi Fc
Steve Biko0v0Bombada
Sporting Real3v2Brufut United
Team Rahino2v0Young Africans
Steve Biko1v0Team Rahino
Sporting Real3v2Waa Banjul
2 Infantry2v2Kiang West
Brufut United0v0Red Hawks
S/k East Bi Fc1v1Bombada
L/k United1v1Immigration
Young Africans2v1Jambanjelly
Lions Of Banjul0v1Gunjur United
Waa Banjul2v1Steve Biko
Jambanjelly2v2Kiang West
2 Infantry1v2L/k United
Bombada2v3Sporting Real
Immigration1v0Lions Of Banjul
Brufut United1v3S/k East Bi Fc
Red Hawks0v1Gunjur United
Sporting Real2v0Immigration
Young Africans0v0Kiang West
Team Rahino1v0Waa Banjul
L/k United1v1Jambanjelly
Lions Of Banjul0v22 Infantry
Red Hawks4v0Immigration
S/k East Bi Fc1v0Gunjur United
Kiang West1v0L/k United
Waa Banjul0v0Young Africans
Jambanjelly1v4Lions Of Banjul
Brufut United0v0Steve Biko
Bombada4v1Team Rahino
Immigration1v3S/k East Bi Fc
Sporting Real2v1Gunjur United
Young Africans0v0L/k United
S/k East Bi Fc0v12 Infantry
Jambanjelly4v1Red Hawks
Lions Of Banjul3v2Kiang West
Gunjur United0v0Steve Biko
Team Rahino0v2Brufut United
Waa Banjul1v0Bombada

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