GFF National League Division Two

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Sporting Real 4400105512
2S/K East BI 531184410
32 Infantry 42115327
4Young African 51402117
5WAA Banjul 52125507
6Gunjur UTD52123307
7Lion Of Banjul 52037706
8Kiang West 51317706
9LK UTD 51313306
10Brufut UTD41213305
11Steve Biko 41212205
12Jambanjelly 5122910-15
13Bombada 41127614
14Red Hawks 41125504
15Team Rhino 511327-54
16Immigration 5113310-74

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Steve Biko 1v0Team Rhino
Sporting Real 3v2WAA Banjul
2 Infantry 2v2Kiang West
Young African 2v1Jambanjelly
LK UTD 1v1Immigration
S/K East BI 1v1Bombada
Brufut UTD0v0Red Hawks
Lion Of Banjul 0v1Gunjur UTD
Team Rhino 0v0Young African
WAA Banjul 2v1Steve Biko
Jambanjelly 2v2Kiang West
2 Infantry 0v1LK UTD
Immigration 1v0Lion Of Banjul
Bombada 2v3Sporting Real
Brufut UTD1v3S/K East BI
Red Hawks 0v1Gunjur UTD
Young African 0v0Kiang West
Team Rhino 1v0WAA Banjul
LK UTD 1v1Jambanjelly
Lion Of Banjul 0v22 Infantry
Red Hawks 4v0Immigration
S/K East BI 1v0Gunjur UTD
Sporting Real 2v0Immigration
WAA Banjul 0v0Young African
Jambanjelly 1v4Lion Of Banjul
Kiang West 1v0LK UTD
Immigration 1v3S/K East BI
Bombada 4v1Team Rhino
Brufut UTD0v0Steve Biko
Sporting Real 2v1Gunjur UTD
Young African 0v0LK UTD
S/K East BI 0v12 Infantry
Jambanjelly 4v1Red Hawks
Lion Of Banjul 3v2Kiang West
Gunjur UTD0v0Steve Biko
Team Rhino 0v2Brufut UTD
WAA Banjul 1v0Bombada

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