GFF National League Division One

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Wallidan 431030310
2Brikama United 52304229
3Real De Banjul 52213128
4Marimoo 42203128
6Fortune 51312206
7BK Milan 51223305
9Hawks FC40401104
10Banjul United 504123-14
11Tallinding United 511325-34
13PSV Wellingara403135-23

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Wallidan 1v0Samger
Tallinding United 0v2Real De Banjul
Fortune 1v0Gamtel
Brikama United 1v1Marimoo
Banjul United 2v2PSV Wellingara
BK Milan 0v0Hawks FC
Hawks FC1v1Fortune
Wallidan 0v0GPA
Tallinding United 2v1Samger
Marimoo 0v0BK Milan
PSV Wellingara1v1Brikama United
Real De Banjul 0v0Banjul United
Tallinding United 0v1Wallidan
Fortune 0v1Marimoo
GAF0v0Hawks FC
Banjul United 0v0Samger
Brikama United 1v0Real De Banjul
BK Milan 2v0PSV Wellingara
Hawks FC0v0GPA
Fortune 0v0PSV Wellingara
Real De Banjul 1v0BK Milan
Brikama United 0v0Samger
Tallinding United 0v0Banjul United
Marimoo 1v0GPA
BK Milan 1v2Samger
Brikama United 1v0Tallinding United
Fortune 0v0Real De Banjul
Banjul United 0v1Wallidan

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