GFF National Division League Two

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Sporting Real 7610178919
2WAA Banjul741285313
4Gunjur UTD732285311
5SK East BI731386210
6Team Rhino731368-210
7Brufut UTD72328629
8Young African 723234-19
9Steve Biko723234-19
11LK UTD71514408
12Immigration 7223613-78
132 Infantry621368-27
14Kiang West7142912-37
15Lions Of Banjul7205714-76
16Red Hawks611469-34

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Sporting Real 2v0Steve Biko
SK East BI0v1Team Rhino
2 Infantry0v1Young African
Kiang West1v4Gunjur UTD
Red Hawks0v2WAA Banjul
LK UTD0v0Brufut UTD
Lions Of Banjul0v4Bombada
Red Hawks1v2Bombada
Team Rhino1v1Sporting Real
WAA Banjul1v0SK East BI
2 Infantry1v4Jambanjelly
Kiang West1v1Immigration
Gunjur UTD1v1LK UTD
Brufut UTD3v0Lions Of Banjul
Steve Biko1v0Young African
Sporting Real 3v2Brufut UTD
Steve Biko0v0Bombada
Steve Biko1v0Team Rhino
Sporting Real 3v2WAA Banjul
Kiang West2v22 Infantry
Young African 2v1Jambanjelly
LK UTD1v1Immigration
SK East BI1v1Bombada
Brufut UTD0v0Red Hawks
Lions Of Banjul0v1Gunjur UTD
Team Rhino2v0Young African
WAA Banjul2v1Steve Biko
Jambanjelly2v2Kiang West
2 Infantry0v1LK UTD
Immigration 1v0Lions Of Banjul
Bombada2v3Sporting Real
Brufut UTD1v3SK East BI
Red Hawks0v1Gunjur UTD
Team Rhino1v0WAA Banjul
Young African 0v0Kiang West
LK UTD1v1Jambanjelly
Lions Of Banjul0v22 Infantry
Red Hawks4v0Immigration
SK East BI1v0Gunjur UTD
WAA Banjul0v0Young African
Jambanjelly1v4Lions Of Banjul
Kiang West1v0LK UTD
Immigration 1v3SK East BI
Bombada4v1Team Rhino
Brufut UTD0v0Steve Biko
Sporting Real 2v1Gunjur UTD
Young African 0v0LK UTD
SK East BI0v12 Infantry
Jambanjelly4v1Red Hawks
Lions Of Banjul3v2Kiang West
Sporting Real 3v0Immigration
Gunjur UTD0v0Steve Biko
Team Rhino0v2Brufut UTD
WAA Banjul1v0Bombada

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