George Abbot 5 a Side

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Luis Suarez Ate My Hamster00000000
2Lobbing Seaman00000000
3Leave my Arsealona00000000
4Michu In De Gea Ba00000000
5Multiple Scoregasms00000000
7One Eyed Kelly00000000
8Inter Yi'Nan00000000
9Glamchester United00000000
10Breast Homage Albion00000000
11Borussia Teeth00000000
12Benteke Fried Chicken00000000
13Chamakh My Pitch Up00000000
14Crystal Phallus00000000
15Exeter Gently00000000
16Every Hole's A Goal00000000
172 Goals 1 Cup00000000
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