Geometry HK Foosball Cup 2015

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Joe (Singapore)2415182181487046
2Hoyan (Hong Kong)121002129715830
3Xanthus (Hong Kong)1180398584024
4Dougles (Wales)770067373021
5David (France)860279324718
6Wing (Hong Kong)106047368518
7Harry (England)55004994015
8Sean (Taiwan)850394662815
9Aaron (Hong Kong)85035861-315
10Vanliza (Wales)94056576-1112
11Kathy (Japan)83144873-2510
12Jay (France)53023340-79
13Harshad (India)83054163-229
14Serena (USA)4202312926
15Jasmine (Hong Kong)82066073-136
16Chloe (Hong Kong)92076085-256
17Tracy (Singapore)91174088-484
18Elsie (Hong Kong)31021020-103
19Ken (England)51042342-193
20Phyllis (Hong Kong)31021433-193
21Christy (Malaysia)71064060-203
22Julian (Chile)41032749-223
23Mayee (Korea)2011915-61
24Zeph (Malayisa)00000000
25Michelle (USA)00000000
26Celia (China)00000000
27Cynthia (Malaysia)00000000
28Priscilia (USA)1001413-90
29Jack (Australia)1001312-90
30Chowpo (USA)30031023-130
31Olivia (England)30031127-160
32Vicky (England)30031033-230
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Xanthus (Hong Kong)10v5Jasmine (Hong Kong)
Xanthus (Hong Kong)12v5Serena (USA)
Ken (England)15v5Julian (Chile)
Harry (England)9v4Joe (Singapore)
Harry (England)18v2Julian (Chile)
Dougles (Wales)12v3Ken (England)
Dougles (Wales)6v4Serena (USA)
Kathy (Japan)7v20Sean (Taiwan)
Wing (Hong Kong)9v5Chloe (Hong Kong)
Joe (Singapore)6v5Jasmine (Hong Kong)
Harry (England)4v3David (France)
Olivia (England)2v10Jay (France)
Joe (Singapore)6v8Jay (France)
Joe (Singapore)13v4Priscilia (USA)
Harry (England)9v0Ken (England)
Harry (England)9v0Ken (England)
Phyllis (Hong Kong)4v16Joe (Singapore)
Mayee (Korea)4v10Wing (Hong Kong)
Dougles (Wales)12v4Sean (Taiwan)
Dougles (Wales)12v4Aaron (Hong Kong)
Mayee (Korea)5v5Tracy (Singapore)
Harshad (India)5v9Hoyan (Hong Kong)
Tracy (Singapore)4v13Wing (Hong Kong)
Tracy (Singapore)6v13Jasmine (Hong Kong)
Harshad (India)7v11Kathy (Japan)
Harshad (India)6v4Vicky (England)
Harshad (India)5v3Chowpo (USA)
Harshad (India)6v3Tracy (Singapore)
Harshad (India)4v10Joe (Singapore)
Vicky (England)2v16Joe (Singapore)
Dougles (Wales)10v9Hoyan (Hong Kong)
Xanthus (Hong Kong)7v5Wing (Hong Kong)
Sean (Taiwan)15v6Jasmine (Hong Kong)
Kathy (Japan)1v6Xanthus (Hong Kong)
Kathy (Japan)8v4Wing (Hong Kong)
Kathy (Japan)2v14Hoyan (Hong Kong)
Vicky (England)4v11Tracy (Singapore)
Sean (Taiwan)11v2Wing (Hong Kong)
Hoyan (Hong Kong)14v5Jasmine (Hong Kong)
Wing (Hong Kong)12v9Jasmine (Hong Kong)
Dougles (Wales)7v6Joe (Singapore)
Joe (Singapore)11v7Olivia (England)
Hoyan (Hong Kong)11v5Xanthus (Hong Kong)
Hoyan (Hong Kong)10v4Wing (Hong Kong)
Chloe (Hong Kong)5v10Xanthus (Hong Kong)
Chloe (Hong Kong)9v10Joe (Singapore)
Julian (Chile)12v5Vanliza (Wales)
Julian (Chile)8v11Joe (Singapore)
Joe (Singapore)14v1Tracy (Singapore)
Chowpo (USA)5v7Phyllis (Hong Kong)
Tracy (Singapore)5v13Sean (Taiwan)
Joe (Singapore)5v8Wing (Hong Kong)
Tracy (Singapore)2v11Hoyan (Hong Kong)
Sean (Taiwan)13v7Chloe (Hong Kong)
Vanliza (Wales)6v13Chloe (Hong Kong)
Vanliza (Wales)5v12Xanthus (Hong Kong)
Olivia (England)2v6Elsie (Hong Kong)
Jay (France)5v12Hoyan (Hong Kong)
Jay (France)2v16David (France)
Dougles (Wales)8v7David (France)
Joe (Singapore)4v9David (France)
Xanthus (Hong Kong)8v9Aaron (Hong Kong)
Aaron (Hong Kong)8v4Joe (Singapore)
Christy (Malaysia)5v6Wing (Hong Kong)
Aaron (Hong Kong)6v11Hoyan (Hong Kong)
David (France)11v7Hoyan (Hong Kong)
Jasmine (Hong Kong)12v3Phyllis (Hong Kong)
Aaron (Hong Kong)2v10David (France)
Aaron (Hong Kong)8v3Kathy (Japan)
Joe (Singapore)9v9Kathy (Japan)
Jasmine (Hong Kong)5v7Kathy (Japan)
Joe (Singapore)6v8Hoyan (Hong Kong)
Joe (Singapore)14v8Sean (Taiwan)
Xanthus (Hong Kong)12v3Chloe (Hong Kong)
Xanthus (Hong Kong)9v1Elsie (Hong Kong)
Xanthus (Hong Kong)7v8Joe (Singapore)
Joe (Singapore)7v5Ken (England)
Christy (Malaysia)6v8Vanliza (Wales)
Harshad (India)6v12Vanliza (Wales)
Hoyan (Hong Kong)13v10Sean (Taiwan)
Chowpo (USA)2v11Vanliza (Wales)
Jay (France)8v4Vanliza (Wales)
Vanliza (Wales)9v3Tracy (Singapore)
Vanliza (Wales)5v14Joe (Singapore)
Elsie (Hong Kong)3v9Christy (Malaysia)
Christy (Malaysia)3v10Joe (Singapore)
David (France)12v3Jack (Australia)
David (France)11v2Harshad (India)
Joe (Singapore)9v2Chloe (Hong Kong)
Christy (Malaysia)4v10Chloe (Hong Kong)
Aaron (Hong Kong)12v6Chloe (Hong Kong)
Aaron (Hong Kong)9v7Christy (Malaysia)
Serena (USA)14v6Christy (Malaysia)
Serena (USA)8v5Joe (Singapore)

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