Gap Futsal u11 2016/17

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Deeside Dragons jets 12102096366032
2Princes villa 12822119556426
3Flint town United 1262454391520
4Deeside Dragons fire 125256872-417
5Buckley town 125255055-517
6Hawarden Rangers 12111042102-604
7Aston park rangers 1211102999-704

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Deeside Dragons jets 2v2Flint town United
Aston park rangers 2v9Princes villa
Buckley town 3v0Hawarden Rangers
Princes villa 5v1Flint town United
Aston park rangers 0v6Buckley town
Deeside Dragons fire 4v7Deeside Dragons jets
Buckley town 3v3Princes villa
Deeside Dragons jets 10v1Hawarden Rangers
Deeside Dragons fire 5v3Aston park rangers
Flint town United 4v0Hawarden Rangers
Deeside Dragons fire 3v3Buckley town
Deeside Dragons jets 4v4Princes villa
Flint town United 3v0Aston park rangers
Deeside Dragons fire 3v1Hawarden Rangers
Deeside Dragons jets 3v2Buckley town
Aston park rangers 3v2Hawarden Rangers
Buckley town 2v0Flint town United
Deeside Dragons fire 1v9Princes villa
Deeside Dragons jets 10v1Aston park rangers
Deeside Dragons fire 5v3Flint town United
Princes villa 17v5Hawarden Rangers
Aston park rangers 4v15Princes villa
Hawarden Rangers 13v7Buckley town
Deeside Dragons jets 7v4Flint town United
Princes villa 4v5Flint town United
Buckley town 8v6Aston park rangers
Deeside Dragons fire 5v8Deeside Dragons jets
Hawarden Rangers 2v10Deeside Dragons jets
Aston park rangers 3v11Deeside Dragons fire
Buckley town 5v15Princes villa
Aston park rangers 1v9Flint town United
Deeside Dragons jets 6v3Buckley town
Deeside Dragons fire 14v5Hawarden Rangers
Deeside Dragons fire 2v6Buckley town
Deeside Dragons jets 14v8Princes villa
Hawarden Rangers 2v10Flint town United
Princes villa 15v6Deeside Dragons fire
Buckley town 2v4Flint town United
Aston park rangers 6v6Hawarden Rangers
Aston park rangers 0v15Deeside Dragons jets
Princes villa 15v5Hawarden Rangers
Deeside Dragons fire 9v9Flint town United

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