Galaxy Monday Night Money League Summer 14

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Richie Blackmore862054223220
2Ben Francis862054342020
3Alan Tunney84224637914
4Robert Short73224133811
5Hads Winsor83234237511
6Paul Reading82243448-148
7Dave Bowden72143742-57
8Liam Stickley81162750-234
9Kristy Smith60061042-320

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Richie Blackmore7v3Robert Short
Hads Winsor7v2Paul Reading
Ben Francis7v1Liam Stickley
Paul Reading7v3Kristy Smith
Robert Short6v6Hads Winsor
Dave Bowden7v5Liam Stickley
Ben Francis7v3Paul Reading
Hads Winsor7v1Liam Stickley
Richie Blackmore7v2Dave Bowden
Ben Francis7v5Robert Short
Alan Tunney7v3Liam Stickley
Kristy Smith3v7Ben Francis
Alan Tunney1v7Richie Blackmore
Alan Tunney5v7Ben Francis
Hads Winsor6v6Ben Francis
Dave Bowden6v6Alan Tunney
Liam Stickley1v7Robert Short
Hads Winsor5v7Alan Tunney
Richie Blackmore6v6Ben Francis
Robert Short7v1Paul Reading
Ben Francis7v5Dave Bowden
Hads Winsor7v1Kristy Smith
Paul Reading6v6Liam Stickley
Kristy Smith0v7Richie Blackmore
Dave Bowden7v3Hads Winsor
Richie Blackmore7v1Hads Winsor
Richie Blackmore6v6Paul Reading
Dave Bowden5v7Robert Short
Alan Tunney7v1Kristy Smith
Kristy Smith2v7Liam Stickley
Dave Bowden5v7Paul Reading
Alan Tunney6v6Robert Short
Richie Blackmore7v3Liam Stickley
Alan Tunney7v2Paul Reading

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