Galactic Games

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1E.T. Team125523025520
2Dynamo Derek126154139219
3Australian Aliens125255450417
4Bravo Team125252730-317
5Fantastic Flying Fudges124352730-315
6Crazy Team123361924-512

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Dynamo Derek17v12Australian Aliens
E.T. Team0v0Bravo Team
Fantastic Flying Fudges1v0Crazy Team
E.T. Team8v2Crazy Team
Fantastic Flying Fudges0v4Australian Aliens
Dynamo Derek1v0Bravo Team
Fantastic Flying Fudges7v5Bravo Team
E.T. Team1v0Australian Aliens
Dynamo Derek2v0Crazy Team
Bravo Team1v0Crazy Team
E.T. Team2v0Dynamo Derek
Fantastic Flying Fudges5v6Australian Aliens
Australian Aliens1v1E.T. Team
Fantastic Flying Fudges1v2Bravo Team
Crazy Team5v1Dynamo Derek
Crazy Team2v1Australian Aliens
Fantastic Flying Fudges1v0Dynamo Derek
Bravo Team5v5E.T. Team
Crazy Team2v3Bravo Team
Dynamo Derek15v14Australian Aliens
Fantastic Flying Fudges1v0E.T. Team
Crazy Team0v1Dynamo Derek
Australian Aliens2v2Fantastic Flying Fudges
E.T. Team7v6Bravo Team
Crazy Team4v4Fantastic Flying Fudges
Bravo Team1v0Australian Aliens
E.T. Team0v0Dynamo Derek
Australian Aliens9v3E.T. Team
Crazy Team2v0Dynamo Derek
Bravo Team3v2Fantastic Flying Fudges
Bravo Team1v3Dynamo Derek
Australian Aliens3v2Fantastic Flying Fudges
Crazy Team1v1E.T. Team
Crazy Team1v1Fantastic Flying Fudges
Bravo Team0v2E.T. Team
Australian Aliens2v1Dynamo Derek

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