Gala Day PSSA Juniors

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1St Helens Park A98104524334
2Briar Road96122081226
3Rosemeadow A95041314-124
4Thomas Acres95042231-924
6Rosemeadow B93151121-1019
7St Helens Park B9207443-3915

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St Helens Park B1v0Bye
Rosemeadow A1v0Bye
Rosemeadow A0v5Leumeah
Thomas Acres5v2St Helens Park B
Briar Road0v2Rosemeadow A
Briar Road1v0Bye
Briar Road5v0St Helens Park B
Rosemeadow B1v3Leumeah
Rosemeadow B1v0Thomas Acres
St Helens Park A6v0Thomas Acres
St Helens Park A1v0Rosemeadow B
St Helens Park A2v2Leumeah
Thomas Acres2v0St Helens Park B
St Helens Park B0v9Leumeah
St Helens Park B1v0Bye
Rosemeadow A4v0Thomas Acres
Rosemeadow A0v5Leumeah
Briar Road2v0Rosemeadow A
Briar Road1v0Bye
Rosemeadow B1v0Bye
Rosemeadow B3v3Leumeah
St Helens Park A5v0Briar Road
St Helens Park A12v0Thomas Acres
St Helens Park A6v0Rosemeadow B
Rosemeadow A1v0Bye
St Helens Park A1v0Bye
Thomas Acres1v0Bye
Leumeah0v3St Helens Park A
Leumeah4v9Thomas Acres
St Helens Park B0v5Rosemeadow A
Rosemeadow B2v5Thomas Acres
Rosemeadow B2v0Rosemeadow A
Rosemeadow B1v3Briar Road
Briar Road0v0Leumeah
St Helens Park B0v8Briar Road
St Helens Park B0v9St Helens Park A

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