G6 League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Owain Ellis211605113734032
2Paul Martin211605109911832
3Jeff O'Callaghan211506115922330
4David Jones211515105832230
5Shaun O'Mahony2115061111001130
6Nathan James211407103871628
7Bryn Reynolds211308109872226
8Leon Casley211308109931626
9Jordan Morgan21130810098226
10Daniel Larkin21120910192924
11Justin Sollis21111996861022
12Carl Beynon21110109796122
13Mathew Rees21901299104-518
14Chris Holcombe21901289106-1718
15Andrew Stone218013101101016
16Paul Thomas21801399102-316
17Stephen Slee21801396102-616
18Alan Sharp21801386114-2816
19Paul Mason21701495105-1014
20David Dinham21301881113-326
21Mark Evans21301877120-436
22Mark Shirley21301875121-466

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Chris Holcombe6v4Alan Sharp
Jeff O'Callaghan6v4Stephen Slee
Nathan James6v3Mark Evans
Paul Thomas6v2Justin Sollis
Paul Thomas6v1Carl Beynon
Daniel Larkin6v3Mark Shirley
Paul Martin6v4Bryn Reynolds
Justin Sollis6v1Jordan Morgan
Andrew Stone6v4David Jones
David Jones6v2Alan Sharp
Owain Ellis6v4Justin Sollis
Shaun O'Mahony6v2Chris Holcombe
Chris Holcombe6v2Jordan Morgan
Bryn Reynolds6v4Mathew Rees
Mathew Rees6v4David Dinham
David Dinham6v0Mark Evans
Nathan James6v3Shaun O'Mahony
Shaun O'Mahony6v5Stephen Slee
Jeff O'Callaghan6v4Nathan James
Paul Martin6v5Alan Sharp
Paul Martin6v5Jeff O'Callaghan
Alan Sharp6v5Stephen Slee
Paul Mason6v3Justin Sollis
Jordan Morgan6v5Stephen Slee
David Jones6v5Bryn Reynolds
Leon Casley6v5Owain Ellis
Shaun O'Mahony6v5Paul Martin
Owain Ellis6v2Paul Mason
Shaun O'Mahony6v5Leon Casley
Leon Casley6v4Carl Beynon
Mark Shirley6v5Carl Beynon
Jordan Morgan6v4Leon Casley
David Jones6v4Jeff O'Callaghan
Jordan Morgan6v4Mark Shirley
Andrew Stone6v3David Dinham
Bryn Reynolds6v1Nathan James
Carl Beynon6v5Chris Holcombe
Paul Thomas6v3Mark Shirley
Paul Martin6v5Daniel Larkin
Paul Mason6v5Paul Thomas
Andrew Stone6v5Mathew Rees
Jeff O'Callaghan6v5Mathew Rees
Daniel Larkin6v5Stephen Slee
Daniel Larkin6v5Leon Casley
Owain Ellis6v3Mark Shirley
Owain Ellis6v4Paul Thomas
Paul Mason6v1David Dinham
Chris Holcombe6v5Daniel Larkin
Andrew Stone6v2Mark Evans
David Dinham6v2Bryn Reynolds
Justin Sollis6v4Carl Beynon
Nathan James6v3Alan Sharp
Mathew Rees6v3Mark Evans
David Jones6v4Mark Evans
Alan Sharp6v5David Dinham
Alan Sharp6v5Mark Evans
Alan Sharp6v4Mathew Rees
Andrew Stone6v4Paul Mason
Andrew Stone6v3Alan Sharp
Bryn Reynolds6v4Mark Evans
Mathew Rees6v3Daniel Larkin
Shaun O'Mahony6v5David Jones
David Jones6v4Jordan Morgan
David Jones6v3Daniel Larkin
Carl Beynon6v1David Jones
Jordan Morgan6v1Nathan James
Jordan Morgan6v5Mathew Rees
Owain Ellis6v5Nathan James
Chris Holcombe6v5Paul Thomas
Bryn Reynolds6v5Jeff O'Callaghan
Mathew Rees6v3Shaun O'Mahony
Owain Ellis6v1Paul Martin
Paul Martin6v4Jordan Morgan
Chris Holcombe6v1Mark Shirley
Carl Beynon6v3Nathan James
Justin Sollis6v2Stephen Slee
Daniel Larkin6v3Nathan James
Leon Casley6v2Justin Sollis
Leon Casley6v3Paul Thomas
Justin Sollis6v2Mark Shirley
Justin Sollis6v1Chris Holcombe
David Jones0v0Justin Sollis
Leon Casley6v3Mark Shirley
Paul Mason6v4Leon Casley
Shaun O'Mahony6v4David Dinham
Shaun O'Mahony6v3Andrew Stone
Paul Martin6v1Carl Beynon
Carl Beynon6v4Stephen Slee
Paul Martin6v5Paul Thomas
Jeff O'Callaghan6v3David Dinham
Daniel Larkin6v2David Dinham
Bryn Reynolds6v4Andrew Stone
Bryn Reynolds6v4Paul Mason
Paul Thomas6v4Stephen Slee
Owain Ellis6v3Stephen Slee
Owain Ellis6v0Chris Holcombe
Owain Ellis6v3Mathew Rees
Mark Evans6v5Paul Mason
Paul Mason6v3Mark Shirley
Alan Sharp6v4Shaun O'Mahony
Jeff O'Callaghan6v3Alan Sharp
Jeff O'Callaghan6v3Andrew Stone
Mark Evans6v5Jeff O'Callaghan
Paul Martin6v4Chris Holcombe
Leon Casley6v2Chris Holcombe
Mathew Rees6v3Carl Beynon
Mathew Rees6v4Paul Thomas
Nathan James6v2Justin Sollis
Jeff O'Callaghan6v1Daniel Larkin
Carl Beynon6v3Mark Evans
Chris Holcombe6v3Paul Mason
Carl Beynon6v5Andrew Stone
Jordan Morgan6v5Andrew Stone
Nathan James6v2Mark Shirley
Nathan James6v4Leon Casley
Owain Ellis6v1David Jones
David Jones6v5Paul Thomas
Jordan Morgan6v3Bryn Reynolds
Bryn Reynolds6v3Alan Sharp
Paul Martin6v5Justin Sollis
Mathew Rees6v2Justin Sollis
Jeff O'Callaghan6v5Shaun O'Mahony
Shaun O'Mahony6v4Bryn Reynolds
Stephen Slee6v5Chris Holcombe
Alan Sharp6v4Paul Mason
Paul Thomas6v4David Dinham
Bryn Reynolds6v1Daniel Larkin
Owain Ellis6v4David Dinham
Owain Ellis6v4Andrew Stone
Nathan James6v4Paul Thomas
Shaun O'Mahony6v4Mark Evans
David Jones6v5Mark Shirley
Paul Mason6v4Jeff O'Callaghan
Paul Martin6v4Mark Shirley
Daniel Larkin6v3Andrew Stone
Daniel Larkin6v4Mark Evans
Jordan Morgan6v4Mark Evans
Leon Casley6v4Stephen Slee
Stephen Slee6v1Mark Shirley
Carl Beynon6v4David Dinham
Leon Casley6v3Paul Martin
David Dinham6v3Jordan Morgan
Stephen Slee6v3Paul Mason
David Jones6v3Paul Martin
Jeff O'Callaghan6v5Owain Ellis
Nathan James6v1Paul Martin
Mathew Rees6v5Chris Holcombe
Paul Thomas6v3Mark Evans
Shaun O'Mahony6v5Carl Beynon
Paul Thomas6v5Andrew Stone
Shaun O'Mahony6v5Paul Mason
David Jones6v3Mathew Rees
Carl Beynon6v3Alan Sharp
Stephen Slee6v5Mathew Rees
Bryn Reynolds6v1Owain Ellis
Jeff O'Callaghan6v3Jordan Morgan
Jeff O'Callaghan6v2Carl Beynon
Nathan James6v4Paul Mason
Bryn Reynolds6v4Carl Beynon
Nathan James6v3Chris Holcombe
Chris Holcombe6v5David Dinham
David Jones6v1Chris Holcombe
Owain Ellis6v3Mark Evans
Mathew Rees6v5Mark Shirley
Leon Casley6v4Mathew Rees
Jordan Morgan6v4Shaun O'Mahony
Justin Sollis6v4David Dinham
Paul Thomas6v2Jeff O'Callaghan
Bryn Reynolds6v5Paul Thomas
Justin Sollis6v4Mark Evans
David Jones6v4Leon Casley
Mark Shirley6v4Mark Evans
Andrew Stone6v2Mark Shirley
Leon Casley6v3David Dinham
David Jones6v4David Dinham
Jordan Morgan6v5Daniel Larkin
Daniel Larkin6v1Alan Sharp
David Jones6v3Paul Mason
Paul Martin6v4Stephen Slee
Nathan James6v4David Jones
David Jones6v3Stephen Slee
Justin Sollis6v5Bryn Reynolds
Jeff O'Callaghan6v4Leon Casley
Shaun O'Mahony6v5Daniel Larkin
Daniel Larkin6v4Paul Mason
Mark Shirley6v4David Dinham
Owain Ellis6v0Alan Sharp
Paul Martin6v3Paul Mason
Justin Sollis6v4Andrew Stone
Leon Casley6v5Andrew Stone
Jeff O'Callaghan6v5Chris Holcombe
Stephen Slee6v2Nathan James
Jordan Morgan6v3Alan Sharp
Shaun O'Mahony6v5Mark Shirley
Shaun O'Mahony6v2Paul Thomas
Carl Beynon6v3Owain Ellis
Mark Evans6v2Chris Holcombe
Jeff O'Callaghan6v5Justin Sollis
Daniel Larkin6v3Owain Ellis
Daniel Larkin6v2Carl Beynon
Paul Martin6v2Mathew Rees
Paul Martin6v5David Dinham
Owain Ellis6v4Jordan Morgan
Alan Sharp6v5Mark Shirley
Nathan James6v4Mathew Rees
Chris Holcombe6v4Bryn Reynolds
Bryn Reynolds6v1Leon Casley
Leon Casley6v4Alan Sharp
Alan Sharp6v4Paul Thomas
Daniel Larkin6v3Paul Thomas
Stephen Slee6v4Bryn Reynolds
Paul Martin6v2Andrew Stone
Carl Beynon6v1Jordan Morgan
Chris Holcombe6v5Andrew Stone
Justin Sollis6v4Alan Sharp
Andrew Stone6v0Stephen Slee
Carl Beynon6v4Paul Mason
Justin Sollis6v1Daniel Larkin
Shaun O'Mahony6v5Justin Sollis
Owain Ellis6v2Shaun O'Mahony
Paul Martin6v3Mark Evans
Jeff O'Callaghan6v4Mark Shirley
Jordan Morgan6v2Paul Thomas
Bryn Reynolds6v2Mark Shirley
Jordan Morgan6v5Paul Mason
Leon Casley6v3Mark Evans
Stephen Slee6v1David Dinham
Nathan James6v3David Dinham
Nathan James6v5Andrew Stone
Stephen Slee6v3Mark Evans
Paul Mason6v1Mathew Rees

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