G6 League 2017/18

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Bryn Reynolds231904129903938
2Nathan James231706122972534
3Leon Casley2317061231002334
4Paul Martin2316071241002432
5Rob Tait231508121982330
6Gavin Stephens231508108102630
7David George2314091151041128
8Stephen Slee2314091111001128
9Owain Ellis23131910499526
10Andrew Stone2312011113981524
11Alan Sharp2312011112106624
12Matthew Bennison2311012101109-822
13Mark Shirley2310013109961320
14Paul Thomas2310013106104220
15Jordan Morgan2310013102107-520
16Jeff O'Callaghan2310013107116-920
17Paul Mason2310013103112-920
18Chris Holcombe239014102120-1818
19Rob Shirley23801598113-1516
20David Jones23801597124-2716
21Justin Sollis23711598110-1214
22Chris Jones23701695122-2714
23Daniel Larkin23601789123-3412
24Mark Evans23501886125-3910

Viewed 301 times

Paul Martin6v1Nathan James
Jordan Morgan6v1Justin Sollis
Mark Shirley6v1Daniel Larkin
Mark Shirley6v0Chris Holcombe
Paul Martin6v5Jeff O'Callaghan
Justin Sollis6v1David Jones
Mark Evans6v2David Jones
Mark Shirley6v4David George
Jeff O'Callaghan6v5Mark Shirley
Alan Sharp6v2David Jones
Owain Ellis6v1Chris Holcombe
Justin Sollis6v4Alan Sharp
Jeff O'Callaghan6v3Daniel Larkin
Owain Ellis6v1Gavin Stephens
Matthew Bennison6v4Daniel Larkin
Rob Tait6v5Bryn Reynolds
Rob Tait6v2Paul Mason
Bryn Reynolds6v2Mark Shirley
Bryn Reynolds6v4Rob Shirley
Bryn Reynolds6v2Justin Sollis
Paul Thomas6v3Jordan Morgan
Andrew Stone6v3Chris Holcombe
Jeff O'Callaghan6v5Chris Holcombe
David George6v2Alan Sharp
Paul Mason6v1Rob Shirley
Andrew Stone6v1Daniel Larkin
Stephen Slee6v4Mark Shirley
Mark Shirley6v4Paul Thomas
Chris Jones6v1Mark Evans
Chris Jones6v5Mark Shirley
Stephen Slee6v1Jordan Morgan
Paul Martin6v3Owain Ellis
Nathan James6v3Stephen Slee
Paul Thomas6v2Stephen Slee
Gavin Stephens6v3Nathan James
Leon Casley6v5Andrew Stone
Leon Casley6v2Matthew Bennison
David George6v5Justin Sollis
Gavin Stephens6v4Paul Thomas
Paul Mason6v4Justin Sollis
Leon Casley6v3Paul Mason
Owain Ellis6v4Leon Casley
Matthew Bennison6v5Rob Shirley
Chris Jones6v5Justin Sollis
Rob Tait6v2Chris Jones
Paul Thomas6v2Leon Casley
David George6v4Mark Evans
Owain Ellis6v4Rob Tait
Nathan James6v4Mark Shirley
Nathan James6v2Rob Shirley
Nathan James6v5Chris Holcombe
Paul Thomas6v3Daniel Larkin
Gavin Stephens6v3Chris Holcombe
Rob Shirley6v5Jeff O'Callaghan
David George6v4David Jones
Bryn Reynolds6v5David Jones
David Jones6v4Jordan Morgan
Paul Martin6v3Paul Thomas
Paul Martin6v3Mark Shirley
Jordan Morgan6v4Paul Martin
Gavin Stephens6v5Paul Martin
Gavin Stephens6v5Jordan Morgan
Bryn Reynolds6v3Mark Evans
Stephen Slee6v5Daniel Larkin
Chris Jones6v4David Jones
Chris Holcombe6v5Stephen Slee
Owain Ellis6v4Chris Jones
Owain Ellis6v4Rob Shirley
Owain Ellis6v3Daniel Larkin
Nathan James6v3Daniel Larkin
Bryn Reynolds6v2Alan Sharp
Chris Holcombe6v5Paul Thomas
Stephen Slee6v5Paul Martin
Leon Casley6v5Jeff O'Callaghan
Leon Casley6v4Nathan James
Matthew Bennison6v3Mark Shirley
Matthew Bennison6v4Alan Sharp
Alan Sharp6v2Paul Mason
Rob Tait6v3Matthew Bennison
Rob Tait6v2Jeff O'Callaghan
Andrew Stone6v2Rob Shirley
Rob Tait6v5Andrew Stone
Alan Sharp6v5Chris Jones
Mark Shirley6v2Andrew Stone
Mark Evans6v4Andrew Stone
Jordan Morgan6v2David George
Stephen Slee6v2Gavin Stephens
Matthew Bennison6v3Mark Evans
David George6v5Chris Jones
Mark Evans6v5Paul Mason
Mark Shirley6v0Paul Mason
Justin Sollis0v0Owain Ellis
Mark Shirley6v1Owain Ellis
Paul Martin6v4Chris Holcombe
Matthew Bennison6v2Justin Sollis
Jeff O'Callaghan6v3Justin Sollis
Alan Sharp6v3Paul Martin
Bryn Reynolds6v4Chris Jones
Nathan James6v4Alan Sharp
Alan Sharp6v4Owain Ellis
Jordan Morgan6v4Chris Jones
Daniel Larkin6v4Gavin Stephens
Bryn Reynolds6v3Jordan Morgan
Jordan Morgan6v3Daniel Larkin
Matthew Bennison6v5Chris Jones
Jordan Morgan6v4Chris Holcombe
Alan Sharp6v2Jeff O'Callaghan
Alan Sharp6v4Andrew Stone
David Jones6v3Matthew Bennison
Nathan James6v5David Jones
Chris Jones6v2Paul Mason
Chris Holcombe6v3Daniel Larkin
Chris Holcombe6v2Mark Evans
Justin Sollis6v4Andrew Stone
Andrew Stone6v3David Jones
Chris Holcombe6v5Leon Casley
David George6v2Matthew Bennison
Leon Casley6v3Gavin Stephens
Jeff O'Callaghan6v4David Jones
Stephen Slee6v4David Jones
Andrew Stone6v5David George
David Jones6v4Paul Mason
David George6v3Bryn Reynolds
Paul Martin6v5Daniel Larkin
Paul Martin6v3Rob Shirley
Gavin Stephens6v2Rob Tait
Mark Evans6v2Owain Ellis
Rob Shirley6v2Paul Thomas
Stephen Slee6v5Rob Tait
Leon Casley6v4Stephen Slee
Jeff O'Callaghan6v3Mark Evans
Rob Shirley6v0Gavin Stephens
Bryn Reynolds6v5Paul Mason
Mark Evans6v4Nathan James
Paul Mason6v5David George
Leon Casley6v4Paul Martin
Nathan James6v5Justin Sollis
Nathan James6v4Rob Tait
Jordan Morgan6v4Matthew Bennison
Stephen Slee6v3Justin Sollis
Rob Shirley6v4Jordan Morgan
Owain Ellis6v5Bryn Reynolds
Matthew Bennison6v2Bryn Reynolds
Jeff O'Callaghan6v3Chris Jones
Paul Thomas6v2Mark Evans
Paul Thomas6v2Rob Tait
Rob Shirley6v1Stephen Slee
Leon Casley6v3Daniel Larkin
Andrew Stone6v1Matthew Bennison
Bryn Reynolds6v3Jeff O'Callaghan
Chris Holcombe6v4Rob Shirley
Bryn Reynolds6v3Andrew Stone
Rob Tait6v2Daniel Larkin
Daniel Larkin6v4Rob Shirley
Jordan Morgan6v3Paul Mason
Paul Thomas6v5Justin Sollis
Stephen Slee6v4Alan Sharp
Gavin Stephens6v5Mark Evans
Gavin Stephens6v2Alan Sharp
Alan Sharp6v4Paul Thomas
Nathan James6v3Chris Jones
Paul Martin6v5Mark Evans
Andrew Stone6v2Chris Jones
Leon Casley6v4Rob Shirley
Leon Casley6v3Jordan Morgan
Leon Casley6v5Rob Tait
Paul Mason6v2Andrew Stone
Jordan Morgan6v1Mark Shirley
Nathan James6v2David George
Mark Shirley6v2Gavin Stephens
Gavin Stephens6v5Justin Sollis
Rob Tait6v3Chris Holcombe
Stephen Slee6v2Mark Evans
Paul Martin6v4Rob Tait
David George6v4Paul Thomas
Rob Shirley6v5Mark Shirley
David George6v5Jeff O'Callaghan
Jeff O'Callaghan6v5Paul Mason
Owain Ellis6v5David George
Paul Mason6v3Matthew Bennison
David Jones6v5Owain Ellis
Paul Thomas6v3David Jones
Justin Sollis6v2Chris Holcombe
Bryn Reynolds6v5Nathan James
Paul Martin6v3Justin Sollis
Paul Martin6v3Chris Jones
Bryn Reynolds6v5Gavin Stephens
Paul Martin6v5David Jones
David Jones6v5Chris Holcombe
Alan Sharp6v3Daniel Larkin
Mark Shirley6v3David Jones
Daniel Larkin6v5Mark Evans
Daniel Larkin6v4Justin Sollis
Chris Holcombe6v5Alan Sharp
Owain Ellis6v4Jeff O'Callaghan
Leon Casley6v4Alan Sharp
Leon Casley6v5Justin Sollis
Jeff O'Callaghan6v5Jordan Morgan
Gavin Stephens6v2Chris Jones
Leon Casley6v4Mark Evans
Rob Tait6v3Mark Evans
Rob Shirley6v4Alan Sharp
Leon Casley6v4Mark Shirley
Rob Tait6v5Mark Shirley
Bryn Reynolds6v2Paul Thomas
Matthew Bennison6v2Paul Thomas
Andrew Stone6v4Jeff O'Callaghan
Bryn Reynolds6v3Stephen Slee
Andrew Stone6v0Owain Ellis
Paul Mason6v5Owain Ellis
Owain Ellis6v3Matthew Bennison
Matthew Bennison6v5Jeff O'Callaghan
Gavin Stephens6v2David Jones
Daniel Larkin6v2David Jones
Nathan James6v3Matthew Bennison
Nathan James6v5Paul Mason
Rob Tait6v3Jordan Morgan
Rob Tait6v4Rob Shirley
Rob Shirley6v2Mark Evans
Chris Jones6v5Stephen Slee
Stephen Slee6v1David George
Stephen Slee6v4Paul Mason
Paul Thomas6v3Chris Jones
Andrew Stone6v3Nathan James
Andrew Stone6v3Jordan Morgan
David George6v5Chris Holcombe
David George6v3Paul Martin
Paul Mason6v4Paul Thomas
Gavin Stephens6v5David George
Justin Sollis6v3Mark Evans
Gavin Stephens6v4Andrew Stone
Gavin Stephens6v3Jeff O'Callaghan
Bryn Reynolds6v4Paul Martin
Bryn Reynolds6v3Leon Casley
David Jones6v4Leon Casley
Nathan James6v3Jeff O'Callaghan
Nathan James6v4Owain Ellis
Bryn Reynolds6v4Daniel Larkin
Owain Ellis6v5Paul Thomas
Daniel Larkin6v2Chris Jones
Rob Tait6v4Justin Sollis
Chris Holcombe6v3Matthew Bennison
Rob Tait6v5Alan Sharp
Alan Sharp6v5Mark Evans
Owain Ellis6v2Jordan Morgan
Alan Sharp6v2Jordan Morgan
Nathan James6v2Paul Thomas
Bryn Reynolds6v4Chris Holcombe
Matthew Bennison6v2Stephen Slee
Paul Mason6v5Daniel Larkin
David George6v2Daniel Larkin
Jordan Morgan6v3Mark Evans
Justin Sollis6v2Rob Shirley
Justin Sollis6v4Mark Shirley
Alan Sharp6v4Mark Shirley
Leon Casley6v2Chris Jones
Nathan James6v4Jordan Morgan
Paul Martin6v4Andrew Stone
Stephen Slee6v4Andrew Stone
Stephen Slee6v2Owain Ellis
Paul Thomas6v1Jeff O'Callaghan
Chris Jones6v4Rob Shirley
Chris Holcombe6v4Chris Jones
Rob Tait6v2David George
David Jones6v5Rob Tait
Jeff O'Callaghan6v2Stephen Slee
Paul Martin6v4Matthew Bennison
Paul Martin6v3Paul Mason
Paul Mason6v1Gavin Stephens
Paul Mason6v4Chris Holcombe
Andrew Stone6v5Paul Thomas
David George6v3Leon Casley
Gavin Stephens6v4Matthew Bennison
Mark Shirley6v1Mark Evans
David George6v3Rob Shirley
David Jones6v4Rob Shirley

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