G6 League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Justin Sollis211605115813432
2Nathan James211605114843032
3Stuart Meikle211605117892832
4Alan Sharp211506114922230
5Chris Holcombe211407112852728
6Jeff O'Callaghan211407109852428
7Paul Martin211407107872028
8Jason Thomas211407108891928
9Bryn Reynolds211209113971624
10Lyn Thomas211209110971324
11Daniel Larkin21120999103-424
12Carl Beynon21110109997222
13Stephen Slee21100119395-220
14David Jones21100119298-620
15Mathew Rees21801393101-816
16Jonathan Evans21701496111-1514
17Paul Mason21701490109-1914
18Paul Thomas21701491111-2014
19Rob Morgan21601584114-3012
20Mark Evans21401776118-428
21Graham Hunt21301879117-386
22Jordan Morgan21301869120-516
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Bryn Reynolds6v2Jordan Morgan
Mathew Rees6v0Jordan Morgan
Mathew Rees6v4Paul Mason
Bryn Reynolds6v3Mathew Rees
Bryn Reynolds6v5Justin Sollis
Jeff O'Callaghan6v4Jonathan Evans
Jeff O'Callaghan6v4Lyn Thomas
Lyn Thomas6v5Rob Morgan
Justin Sollis6v3Mathew Rees
Carl Beynon6v2Paul Thomas
Stuart Meikle6v4Paul Thomas
Stephen Slee6v5Lyn Thomas
Justin Sollis6v3Daniel Larkin
Bryn Reynolds6v3Daniel Larkin
Daniel Larkin6v5Jordan Morgan
Paul Martin6v3Jordan Morgan
Jonathan Evans6v5Rob Morgan
Mathew Rees6v5Chris Holcombe
Justin Sollis6v4Mark Evans
Chris Holcombe6v4Stuart Meikle
Mark Evans6v5Jordan Morgan
Stuart Meikle6v4Graham Hunt
Paul Martin6v5Jason Thomas
Daniel Larkin6v4Jason Thomas
Paul Martin6v1Stephen Slee
Rob Morgan6v3Mark Evans
Daniel Larkin6v5Stephen Slee
Chris Holcombe6v4Jonathan Evans
Nathan James6v5Carl Beynon
Jonathan Evans6v4Carl Beynon
Paul Mason6v3Graham Hunt
Justin Sollis6v4Jordan Morgan
Chris Holcombe6v1Paul Mason
Jason Thomas6v3Mark Evans
Alan Sharp6v2Lyn Thomas
Alan Sharp6v4Bryn Reynolds
Alan Sharp6v4Mark Evans
Alan Sharp6v3Daniel Larkin
Alan Sharp6v5Paul Martin
Alan Sharp6v2Jordan Morgan
Nathan James6v1Jeff O'Callaghan
Chris Holcombe6v3Paul Thomas
Carl Beynon6v4Lyn Thomas
Carl Beynon6v2Mark Evans
Paul Thomas6v5Graham Hunt
David Jones6v3Paul Mason
Paul Martin6v3Carl Beynon
Mathew Rees6v3Graham Hunt
Paul Martin6v3Rob Morgan
Stuart Meikle6v3Nathan James
Stuart Meikle6v3Jonathan Evans
Jeff O'Callaghan6v3Paul Martin
Chris Holcombe6v2Graham Hunt
Stuart Meikle6v5Lyn Thomas
Chris Holcombe6v3David Jones
David Jones6v3Graham Hunt
David Jones6v4Stuart Meikle
Bryn Reynolds6v5Stephen Slee
Alan Sharp6v4Justin Sollis
Daniel Larkin6v4Rob Morgan
Justin Sollis6v5Jason Thomas
Justin Sollis6v0Stephen Slee
Daniel Larkin6v5Jeff O'Callaghan
Bryn Reynolds6v2Rob Morgan
Jason Thomas6v3Bryn Reynolds
Jason Thomas6v1Jordan Morgan
Stephen Slee6v2Mark Evans
Mark Evans6v2Jeff O'Callaghan
Nathan James6v4Paul Mason
Paul Mason6v3Jonathan Evans
Paul Mason6v5Paul Thomas
David Jones6v3Mathew Rees
David Jones6v3Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas6v5Mathew Rees
Rob Morgan6v5Alan Sharp
Lyn Thomas6v5Chris Holcombe
Alan Sharp6v2Mathew Rees
Chris Holcombe6v3Nathan James
Nathan James6v2David Jones
Jeff O'Callaghan6v2Jordan Morgan
Justin Sollis6v4Jeff O'Callaghan
Jason Thomas6v4Mathew Rees
Carl Beynon6v2Jordan Morgan
Jeff O'Callaghan6v5Bryn Reynolds
Bryn Reynolds6v3Carl Beynon
Stuart Meikle6v4Paul Martin
Stuart Meikle6v3Mark Evans
Jeff O'Callaghan6v0Jason Thomas
Stephen Slee6v4Jordan Morgan
Lyn Thomas6v5David Jones
Paul Martin6v2Paul Mason
Jonathan Evans6v2Graham Hunt
Justin Sollis6v4Carl Beynon
Stuart Meikle6v4Daniel Larkin
Justin Sollis6v2Rob Morgan
David Jones6v4Jonathan Evans
Lyn Thomas6v3Graham Hunt
Nathan James6v4Mathew Rees
Chris Holcombe6v4Paul Martin
Nathan James6v3Paul Thomas
Jonathan Evans6v2Paul Thomas
Paul Mason6v2Mark Evans
Lyn Thomas6v2Paul Mason
Rob Morgan6v2Jordan Morgan
Stephen Slee6v5Mathew Rees
Daniel Larkin6v2Carl Beynon
Stuart Meikle6v5Jordan Morgan
Stephen Slee6v3Alan Sharp
Nathan James6v3Graham Hunt
Jason Thomas6v4Stephen Slee
Graham Hunt6v3Mark Evans
Lyn Thomas6v4Nathan James
Chris Holcombe6v4Mark Evans
Justin Sollis6v3Chris Holcombe
Mathew Rees6v4Jonathan Evans
Paul Thomas6v5Mark Evans
Paul Thomas6v5Lyn Thomas
Jeff O'Callaghan6v2Rob Morgan
Alan Sharp6v5Jason Thomas
Mark Evans6v5David Jones
Stuart Meikle6v5Bryn Reynolds
Stuart Meikle6v3Justin Sollis
Rob Morgan6v4Jason Thomas
Paul Mason6v4Justin Sollis
Rob Morgan6v5Mathew Rees
Nathan James6v3Jonathan Evans
Lyn Thomas6v5Jonathan Evans
David Jones6v4Bryn Reynolds
Nathan James6v4Paul Martin
Chris Holcombe6v3Daniel Larkin
Jason Thomas6v4Carl Beynon
Stephen Slee6v2Rob Morgan
Paul Martin6v4Paul Thomas
David Jones6v1Paul Martin
Carl Beynon6v5Alan Sharp
Carl Beynon6v3Rob Morgan
David Jones6v4Daniel Larkin
Daniel Larkin6v4Paul Mason
Daniel Larkin6v5Graham Hunt
Paul Martin6v2Graham Hunt
Chris Holcombe6v5Bryn Reynolds
Jordan Morgan6v5Paul Mason
Carl Beynon6v4Stephen Slee
Jeff O'Callaghan6v2Stephen Slee
Bryn Reynolds6v5Paul Mason
Mathew Rees6v3Jeff O'Callaghan
Jordan Morgan6v4Chris Holcombe
Jordan Morgan6v3David Jones
Nathan James6v3Mark Evans
Jason Thomas6v5Stuart Meikle
Jonathan Evans6v5Jordan Morgan
Bryn Reynolds6v5Graham Hunt
Paul Thomas6v3Jordan Morgan
Alan Sharp6v4Jonathan Evans
Lyn Thomas6v5Mathew Rees
Mathew Rees6v2Carl Beynon
Jeff O'Callaghan6v4Alan Sharp
Mark Evans6v4Jonathan Evans
Chris Holcombe6v3Stephen Slee
Jason Thomas6v2David Jones
Justin Sollis6v3Nathan James
David Jones6v3Alan Sharp
Paul Martin6v5Lyn Thomas
Paul Martin6v5Jonathan Evans
Alan Sharp6v4Stuart Meikle
Alan Sharp6v5Paul Mason
Justin Sollis6v4Paul Thomas
Daniel Larkin6v5Paul Thomas
Jonathan Evans6v4Daniel Larkin
Lyn Thomas6v3Mark Evans
Graham Hunt6v1Jordan Morgan
Justin Sollis6v2Graham Hunt
Jeff O'Callaghan6v5Carl Beynon
Stuart Meikle6v5Jeff O'Callaghan
Alan Sharp6v5Chris Holcombe
Stuart Meikle6v2Rob Morgan
Stuart Meikle6v4Stephen Slee
Bryn Reynolds6v4Paul Thomas
Stephen Slee6v2Paul Mason
Nathan James6v5Bryn Reynolds
Nathan James6v2Daniel Larkin
Justin Sollis6v3David Jones
Jason Thomas6v1Chris Holcombe
Jonathan Evans6v5Bryn Reynolds
Jeff O'Callaghan6v2David Jones
Paul Mason6v3Rob Morgan
Jason Thomas6v3Graham Hunt
Jason Thomas6v3Paul Mason
Daniel Larkin6v4Lyn Thomas
Nathan James6v3Jordan Morgan
Alan Sharp6v3Graham Hunt
Lyn Thomas6v3Justin Sollis
Jeff O'Callaghan6v1Paul Thomas
Lyn Thomas6v2Jordan Morgan
Paul Thomas6v2Stephen Slee
Nathan James6v4Alan Sharp
Paul Mason6v5Jeff O'Callaghan
Stephen Slee6v0David Jones
Chris Holcombe6v1Carl Beynon
Stephen Slee6v4Graham Hunt
Justin Sollis6v2Paul Martin
Graham Hunt6v5Rob Morgan
Paul Thomas6v2Rob Morgan
Chris Holcombe6v3Rob Morgan
Jeff O'Callaghan6v4Graham Hunt
Carl Beynon6v5Graham Hunt
Rob Morgan6v5David Jones
Carl Beynon6v2David Jones
Carl Beynon6v4Stuart Meikle
Justin Sollis6v5Jonathan Evans
Paul Martin6v4Mark Evans
Jason Thomas6v4Jonathan Evans
Paul Martin6v1Daniel Larkin
Stuart Meikle6v1Mathew Rees
Jeff O'Callaghan6v5Chris Holcombe
Paul Martin6v2Mathew Rees
Lyn Thomas6v1Jason Thomas
Bryn Reynolds6v4Lyn Thomas
Alan Sharp6v4Paul Thomas
Stephen Slee6v2Jonathan Evans
Nathan James6v3Stephen Slee
Jason Thomas6v5Nathan James
Stuart Meikle6v4Paul Mason
Daniel Larkin6v3Mathew Rees
Jason Thomas6v5Paul Thomas
Daniel Larkin6v3Mark Evans
Bryn Reynolds6v2Mark Evans
Paul Martin6v5Bryn Reynolds
Carl Beynon6v4Paul Mason
Nathan James6v5Rob Morgan
Mathew Rees6v2Mark Evans

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