FSFL 2018 – 2019

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1FC Katraps148331810827
2FC Nikitos146621912724
4Connie FC147162219322
5Makary AC146351514121
6Nordic FC145541717020
7Vaik Moscow146171316-319
8Smith FC145361718-118
10FC Comedi143561016-614
11SSC Sances-02143471218-613
12SC Slava143471016-613

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Vaik Moscow1v2Connie FC
SSC Sances-020v1Makary AC
Nordic FC0v1SC Slava
SS231v0FC Katraps
FC Nikitos1v0FC Comedi
V962v0Smith FC
Makary AC1v0V96
Connie FC2v0SSC Sances-02
FC Comedi1v0SC Slava
SS231v1Nordic FC
Smith FC1v1FC Nikitos
FC Katraps1v0Vaik Moscow
Vaik Moscow1v0Nordic FC
FC Comedi0v1Smith FC
V963v0Connie FC
SC Slava1v1SS23
FC Nikitos1v0Makary AC
SSC Sances-021v1FC Katraps
Nordic FC1v1FC Comedi
Connie FC2v2V96
FC Comedi1v1Makary AC
V960v2FC Katraps
Smith FC0v0SC Slava
FC Nikitos0v1Connie FC
Vaik Moscow0v2SS23
SSC Sances-022v2Nordic FC
Makary AC3v1Smith FC
FC Katraps2v1FC Nikitos
SS232v1SSC Sances-02
Connie FC4v0FC Comedi
SC Slava0v2Vaik Moscow
Nordic FC3v1V96
FC Comedi0v1FC Katraps
Smith FC4v1Connie FC
Makary AC1v0SC Slava
FC Nikitos3v0Nordic FC
SSC Sances-021v2Vaik Moscow
SS231v1FC Nikitos
FC Katraps1v2Smith FC
SC Slava0v1SSC Sances-02
Vaik Moscow2v1V96
Connie FC1v0Makary AC
Makary AC1v1FC Katraps
Smith FC1v2Nordic FC
FC Nikitos2v1Vaik Moscow
Connie FC4v1SC Slava
V961v0SSC Sances-02
FC Comedi1v0SS23
SSC Sances-021v1FC Nikitos
Nordic FC2v1Makary AC
FC Katraps1v0Connie FC
SS232v1Smith FC
Vaik Moscow0v0FC Comedi
SC Slava3v1V96
FC Katraps0v2SC Slava
FC Comedi1v1SSC Sances-02
Connie FC1v2Nordic FC
Smith FC1v0Vaik Moscow
FC Nikitos1v1V96
Makary AC1v3SS23
SSC Sances-021v0Smith FC
SS232v3Connie FC
Vaik Moscow1v0Makary AC
Nordic FC0v2FC Katraps
V961v0FC Comedi
FC Nikitos1v1SC Slava
Connie FC1v2Vaik Moscow
Makary AC2v1SSC Sances-02
SC Slava0v0Nordic FC
FC Katraps1v1SS23
FC Comedi1v2FC Nikitos
Smith FC2v0V96
V961v2Makary AC
SSC Sances-021v0Connie FC
SC Slava1v2FC Comedi
Nordic FC1v1SS23
FC Nikitos3v1Smith FC
Vaik Moscow0v2FC Katraps
Smith FC2v2FC Comedi
SS232v0SC Slava
Makary AC1v1FC Nikitos
Nordic FC3v1Vaik Moscow
FC Katraps3v1SSC Sances-02

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