FSFL 2017 – 2018

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1FC Comedi22134534211343
2Connie FC2212463122940
3Makary AC2212373123839
4FC Nikitos2211473425937
5SSC Sances-022210482520534
6FC Icemed2293103230230
7Nordic FC228592931-229
8FC Katraps227782830-228
10SC Slava225892533-823
11Smith FC2256112634-821
12Vaik Moscow2263131834-1621

Viewed 246 times

V962v1FC Katraps
Vaik Moscow0v2SSC Sances-02
Nordic FC0v1SC Slava
FC Nikitos2v1Smith FC
Connie FC0v2FC Icemed
Makary AC2v1FC Comedi
FC Icemed2v1Vaik Moscow
Smith FC2v2Makary AC
FC Katraps2v3FC Nikitos
SSC Sances-021v0V96
FC Comedi2v1Nordic FC
SC Slava1v1Connie FC
FC Nikitos1v0SSC Sances-02
Nordic FC1v1Smith FC
Vaik Moscow1v0V96
Connie FC1v0FC Comedi
FC Icemed3v2SC Slava
Makary AC1v2FC Katraps
FC Comedi2v1FC Icemed
FC Katraps1v1Nordic FC
SC Slava1v0Vaik Moscow
Smith FC1v3Connie FC
V960v2FC Nikitos
SSC Sances-022v0Makary AC
Vaik Moscow0v1FC Nikitos
Connie FC1v0FC Katraps
FC Icemed2v0Smith FC
SC Slava0v1FC Comedi
Nordic FC2v0SSC Sances-02
Makary AC2v1V96
Smith FC2v0SC Slava
FC Katraps2v2FC Icemed
FC Comedi4v1Vaik Moscow
SSC Sances-022v2Connie FC
V961v3Nordic FC
FC Nikitos2v2Makary AC
Vaik Moscow3v1Makary AC
FC Comedi3v2Smith FC
Nordic FC0v3FC Nikitos
FC Icemed0v2SSC Sances-02
Connie FC1v1V96
SC Slava0v0FC Katraps
FC Nikitos3v4Connie FC
V964v3FC Icemed
Smith FC2v4Vaik Moscow
SSC Sances-023v2SC Slava
Makary AC4v3Nordic FC
FC Katraps2v4FC Comedi
FC Icemed1v0FC Nikitos
Vaik Moscow1v3Nordic FC
Connie FC1v0Makary AC
SC Slava2v2V96
Smith FC1v2FC Katraps
FC Comedi2v0SSC Sances-02
SSC Sances-022v0Smith FC
FC Nikitos3v0SC Slava
Makary AC1v0FC Icemed
Nordic FC0v1Connie FC
V960v1FC Comedi
FC Katraps3v0Vaik Moscow
Vaik Moscow1v1Connie FC
Smith FC0v0V96
FC Nikitos0v1FC Comedi
FC Katraps1v3SSC Sances-02
FC Icemed4v0Nordic FC
SC Slava1v1Makary AC
FC Comedi0v1Makary AC
FC Icemed1v0Connie FC
Smith FC3v0FC Nikitos
SC Slava0v1Nordic FC
SSC Sances-020v1Vaik Moscow
FC Katraps1v0V96
Connie FC4v1SC Slava
Nordic FC1v1FC Comedi
V961v0SSC Sances-02
FC Nikitos1v1FC Katraps
Makary AC0v1Smith FC
Vaik Moscow1v0FC Icemed
FC Katraps0v2Makary AC
SC Slava2v3FC Icemed
FC Comedi3v1Connie FC
V962v1Vaik Moscow
Smith FC2v1Nordic FC
SSC Sances-022v1FC Nikitos
Makary AC1v0SSC Sances-02
FC Nikitos1v0V96
Connie FC2v0Smith FC
Vaik Moscow2v0SC Slava
Nordic FC0v2FC Katraps
FC Icemed1v1FC Comedi
V960v4Makary AC
SSC Sances-021v1Nordic FC
FC Comedi1v1SC Slava
Smith FC3v1FC Icemed
FC Katraps2v1Connie FC
FC Nikitos3v0Vaik Moscow
Makary AC1v0FC Nikitos
Nordic FC2v0V96
Connie FC1v0SSC Sances-02
Vaik Moscow0v1FC Comedi
FC Icemed1v1FC Katraps
SC Slava2v2Smith FC
FC Katraps1v2SC Slava
V961v2Connie FC
SSC Sances-021v0FC Icemed
FC Nikitos2v2Nordic FC
Smith FC1v2FC Comedi
Makary AC3v0Vaik Moscow
FC Comedi0v0FC Katraps
Nordic FC1v0Makary AC
SC Slava1v1SSC Sances-02
Vaik Moscow0v0Smith FC
FC Icemed0v1V96
Connie FC2v1FC Nikitos
SSC Sances-020v2FC Comedi
FC Katraps2v1Smith FC
V961v3SC Slava
Makary AC1v0Connie FC
Nordic FC2v0Vaik Moscow
FC Nikitos2v1FC Icemed
SC Slava0v0FC Nikitos
FC Icemed0v1Makary AC
Vaik Moscow1v1FC Katraps
FC Comedi0v2V96
Connie FC0v1Nordic FC
Smith FC0v0SSC Sances-02
Makary AC1v3SC Slava
Nordic FC3v4FC Icemed
SSC Sances-023v1FC Katraps
FC Comedi2v3FC Nikitos
V963v1Smith FC
Connie FC2v0Vaik Moscow

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