Fortnite soccar league (FSL)

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Retail Row11005053
2Salty Springs11005053
3Lonely Lodge11005143
4Pleasant Park11005233
5Greasy Grove11005323
6Risky Reels11005413
7Dusty Divot11005413
8Flush Factory11005413
9Shifty Shafts00000000
10Lucky Landings100145-10
11Fatal Fields 100145-10
12Anarchy Acres100145-10
13Snobby Shores100135-20
14Tilted Towers100125-30
15Haunted Hills100115-40
16Wailing woods100105-50
17Moisty Mire100105-50

Viewed 38 times

Anarchy Acres4v5Dusty Divot
Flush Factory5v4Fatal Fields
Snobby Shores3v5Greasy Grove
Retail Row5v0Moisty Mire
Haunted Hills1v5Lonely Lodge
Lucky Landings4v5Risky Reels
Salty Springs5v0Wailing woods
Tilted Towers2v5Pleasant Park

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