Finvoy 2017

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Brian Kane15121280473337
2Ryan Madison 17113392504236
3Dixie Dixon1284068323628
4Michael Halliday1273264412324
5Philip Tweed146356056421
6David Norton135265653317
7Ivan Darragh123364557-1212
8Leonard Corr143385068-1812
9Nathan Duncan1431103773-3610
10Allister Mcilhatton112183257-257
11Mervyn Mcilhatton 1420122777-506

Viewed 276 times

Dixie Dixon6v1Brian Kane
Nathan Duncan5v5Leonard Corr
Dixie Dixon5v5Ryan Madison
Philip Tweed6v1David Norton
Mervyn Mcilhatton 1v6Ryan Madison
Dixie Dixon6v0Nathan Duncan
Philip Tweed6v2Leonard Corr
David Norton1v6Brian Kane
Dixie Dixon6v3Leonard Corr
David Norton5v5Philip Tweed
Nathan Duncan0v6Ryan Madison
Mervyn Mcilhatton 0v6Brian Kane
Allister Mcilhatton3v6Leonard Corr
Ryan Madison 3v6Brian Kane
Michael Halliday6v4Ryan Madison
Brian Kane2v6Ivan Darragh
Allister Mcilhatton3v6Ivan Darragh
Leonard Corr5v5Ivan Darragh
Michael Halliday4v6Brian Kane
Mervyn Mcilhatton 3v6Nathan Duncan
David Norton6v0Nathan Duncan
David Norton6v0Mervyn Mcilhatton
Leonard Corr1v6Ryan Madison
Nathan Duncan0v6Michael Halliday
Brian Kane6v3Philip Tweed
Mervyn Mcilhatton 2v6Allister Mcilhatton
Michael Halliday6v2Allister Mcilhatton
Philip Tweed0v6Ryan Madison
Brian Kane6v2Nathan Duncan
Mervyn Mcilhatton 2v6Leonard Corr
Allister Mcilhatton1v6Philip Tweed
Michael Halliday5v5Leonard Corr
Brian Kane6v4David Norton
Ivan Darragh1v6Ryan Madison
Allister Mcilhatton5v5David Norton
Michael Halliday6v0Ivan Darragh
Ryan Madison 6v3David Norton
Leonard Corr0v6Philip Tweed
Ivan Darragh4v6Brian Kane
Philip Tweed6v4Mervyn Mcilhatton
Ryan Madison 5v5Michael Halliday
Philip Tweed6v3Nathan Duncan
Dixie Dixon6v3Michael Halliday
Ryan Madison 5v5Dixie Dixon
Nathan Duncan3v6Mervyn Mcilhatton
Philip Tweed0v6Dixie Dixon
Nathan Duncan2v6David Norton
Ryan Madison 6v2Mervyn Mcilhatton
Leonard Corr0v6Brian Kane
David Norton6v4Leonard Corr
Brian Kane5v5Michael Halliday
Ryan Madison 6v2Allister Mcilhatton
Leonard Corr4v6Nathan Duncan
Michael Halliday6v0Mervyn Mcilhatton
Allister Mcilhatton2v6Brian Kane
Dixie Dixon6v1Allister Mcilhatton
Nathan Duncan6v1Ivan Darragh
David Norton3v6Ryan Madison
Ivan Darragh2v6Mervyn Mcilhatton
Dixie Dixon5v5Philip Tweed
Ryan Madison 6v2Nathan Duncan
David Norton6v1Allister Mcilhatton
Allister Mcilhatton6v2Nathan Duncan
Dixie Dixon6v0Mervyn Mcilhatton
Ivan Darragh5v5Philip Tweed
Leonard Corr6v0Mervyn Mcilhatton
Dixie Dixon5v5Ivan Darragh
Brian Kane6v3Leonard Corr
Dixie Dixon6v4David Norton
Ivan Darragh4v6Michael Halliday
Brian Kane6v4Ryan Madison
Philip Tweed4v6Michael Halliday
Ryan Madison 6v2Philip Tweed
Ivan Darragh6v1Mervyn Mcilhatton

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