Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1AC Me Rollin107123123822
2Riddim FC76103062419
3Sparta FC85031314-115
4Knicks FC6204151416
5New York FC4004514-90
6Napoli FC7007528-230

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Knicks FC5v1AC Me Rollin
Sparta FC2v4AC Me Rollin
Knicks FC3v1Napoli FC
Knicks FC3v4AC Me Rollin
Sparta FC2v0Napoli FC
Sparta FC2v1Knicks FC
Sparta FC2v1Knicks FC
Knicks FC2v4Riddim FC
Sparta FC1v2AC Me Rollin
Sparta FC3v2New York FC
Riddim FC3v0New York FC
AC Me Rollin3v1New York FC
Riddim FC6v0Napoli FC
Riddim FC8v0Napoli FC
Riddim FC1v0AC Me Rollin
AC Me Rollin4v3Napoli FC
AC Me Rollin4v4Riddim FC
AC Me Rollin4v1Napoli FC
Sparta FC1v0Napoli FC
Sparta FC0v4Riddim FC
AC Me Rollin5v2New York FC

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